Four-year-old boy watched in horror as woman cut off her mom's head before leaving it in neighbor's yard

Four-year-old boy watched in horror as woman cut off her mom's head before leaving it in neighbor's yard

St. Clair, Sydney: A woman who allegedly decapitated her mother on Saturday before dumping the head in a neighbor's front yard appeared to have an inclination for horror movies and shared a strange Facebook post just days before taking her mother's life. Jessica Camilleri, 25, was charged with murder after she allegedly stabbed Rita Camilleri, 57, to death in front of a four-year-old boy she was babysitting, Daily Mail reports.

Authorities found the victim's body lying on the kitchen floor of their St. Clair, Sydney residence around 11.40 pm.

At 11.40 pm Saturday, 57-year-old Rita Camilleri was found dead with her body lying on the kitchen floor at their St. Clair, Sydney, residence. (Facebook)


The following morning, Jessica appeared at Parramatta Bail Court and revealed she was still covered in blood as she hadn't washed "properly." Furthermore, she claimed she suffered from a series of mental health conditions, including bipolar disorder, depression, autism, and anxiety. Going by her Facebook profile, Jessica appeared to have an obsession with horror flicks.

She had updated her cover photo just two days before her mom died, uploading an article about a "Jeepers Creeper" creature that appeared in Texas. The article referenced the 2001 popular horror film franchise based on a demonic creature - known as the "creeper" - and told the story of how a person encountered a dark figure with "huge wings" that had apparently fallen from the sky.

In a comment underneath, Jessica wrote, "Interesting story." Rita later replied to the comment, saying, "Yes interesting indeed."

Authorities found the victim's body lying on the kitchen floor of their St. Clair, Sydney residence around 11.40 pm. (7 News via YouTube)


Jessica had previously uploaded a photo from the Jeepers Creepers movie, saying the production, along with horror film 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre', was her "favorite movies in the world." The killer had also uploaded a series of screenshots from her other favorite scary movies, such as 1973 blockbuster The Exorcist.

The Daily Telegraph obtained a number of chilling text messages revealing Camilleri had been concerned over Jessica's allegedly turbulent relationship with a man. Camilleri messaged her friend Cory Rickard Simms in March, saying she had to call an ambulance after her daughter suffered a "meltdown."

"[I] called the ambulance at 2:00 in the morning and the ambulance came with police but they didn't take her to hospital because she hadn't done anything at the time, and she got scared and worried at the time because she did not want to go back to the mental health unit hospital again..." the message read.

"She needs to wake up to herself because if she doesn't, the police officer who came to my house with the ambulance told me if we find ourselves back here and have to come back out to the house for this matter this time she won't be so lucky," the following text read.


Camilleri revealed in another message that Jessica was forced to change her Facebook account because "of that guy, she was having problems with."

"I told if I were (sic) you, I would not be mucking around with this d**k head ever again," the text read. " ...our whole family told her she is playing with fire doing this just let the d**khead go he is not worth it by a long shot...'"

 Jessica Camilleri allegedly decapitated her mother on Saturday before dumping her head in a neighbor's front yard. (7 News via YouTube)

According to other messages uncovered by authorities, Rickard-Simms had also warned Jessica to "be careful" with the man. On January 31, Jessica replied saying, "My mom said, "I don't know what the f**k you (sic) worrying about, he is not even good looking he is an ugly d**khead, you are worrying and wasting your days and time wanting to get even with that ugly pig" and she is right and so are you, I don't want to be locked up in a spastic home for the rest of my days over this ugly motherf***er."


During Jessica's court appearance on Sunday, she claimed she couldn't move her fingers properly or wash the blood off of her after "the incident," adding she suffered from several mental health issues. Having said that, a police strike force has been formed to probe the tragic incident.

"The detectives are now working meticulously through the information available to us, but it’s a very difficult and challenging investigation," Detective Superintendent Brett McFadden told reporters Sunday. "It is also in its very early stages and as you’d understand there is still a long way to go in this inquiry."

Rita was said to have been babysitting a four-year-old boy on the fateful night. According to reports, the child sustained a minor head injury and was taken to Westmead Children's Hospital before being released.


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