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'Entitled piece of sh*t': Woman brutally takes down 'nice guy' who kept pestering her for a date

The man wouldn't take no for an answer and accused her of playing 'hard to get'
Despite making it clear that she had no interest in him, the man kept messaging her (Imgur)
Despite making it clear that she had no interest in him, the man kept messaging her (Imgur)

A woman exposed a "nice guy" after he initially asked her out, then bugged her, insisted she date him, and ended up verbally abusing her.

In screenshots of the brutal takedown uploaded on Imgur, the man keeps bugging the woman, even alleging she was playing hard to get, despite her making it clear she wasn't interested. She ended up writing a note about why he was an "entitled piece of sh*t" before advising him to get professional therapy for being a predator, proving that he chose the wrong person and the wrong moment. 


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"Are you awake? Know this is really random, and we don't know each other that well but I'd love to take you out for dinner and drinks sometime. You're drop-dead gorgeous and seem like a lot of fun the few times we've been out. Let me know!" the man messaged initially.

However, the "good guy" charm evaporated very quickly. "No response at all?" he asked at 7 am. Later, she responded that she wasn't really interested and even thanked him for his message. She assumed that was the last she would hear from him, but the man was persistent. "Come out with me as friends at least," he pleaded. She turned him down yet again but he just kept pestering her. 

woman put's
The 'nice guy' kept pestering the woman (IMGUR)

Perhaps too confident of his own qualities, he couldn't take no for answer. He wrote, "Playing hard to get... I like lol."

He continued to press her until she finally gave in and gave him an adequate reply. "I will tell you exactly why, you entitled piece of shit. Being "patient" does not mean texting a person you barely know at 1 a.m and expecting a response by 7 a.m. on a f*cking Tuesday," she said. "I have told you "no" FOUR TIMES, and you apparently don't know what that word means, which is disturbing on countless levels." She also criticized him for how he treated women. "You are a f*cking predator. For future reference, if a woman tells you 'no,' she wants to be left alone, not accused of "playing hard to get." 

Guy resorts to slut shaming after getting rejected
The man slut-shamed her after being rejected (IMGUR)

"For the life of me, I can't understand how or why you feel entitled to a stranger's time, attention, and god only knows what else. I suggest you seek some professional help," she concluded.

The deflated man quickly turned to slut-shaming her, claiming it was "her loss." After blocking him in response, she gave him one last knockdown. "Take my advice, and start listening when women tell you 'no' instead of telling yourself that they are just "playing hard to get," so that you feel less sh*tty when you're crying and hugging a pillow alone at night. I'm a slut, am I? Well then, what does it say about you? You couldn't even get a slut with no "self-respect" to go out with you. Peace loser."

Her takedown was praised in the comments. "Right in the Fedora!" wrote one person. Another commented, "The amount of times I've been called "slut/whore" when turning down an offer of sex. 😆 It confirms I absolutely made the right decision."