Woman bites off husband’s penis in fit of rage after he refuses to remove rat in bedroom, victim hospitalized

She was unable to sleep and was "infuriated" and so awakened him "demanding" he remove the rat from their home. On refusing, the couple began fighting leading to the wife "sinking her teeth into his genitals"

                            Woman bites off husband’s penis in fit of rage after he refuses to remove rat in bedroom, victim hospitalized
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While rats gross many of us out, for one couple in Kitwe, Zambia it turned out to lead to a dangerous set of events. On September 3, 2020, The Mirror reported that Abraham Musonda, 52, and his wife Juliet Mukupa, 40, had an argument about rodents in their home. Mukupa asked her husband to remove the rodent from a bedroom, but Musonda had refused to do so leading to Mukupa biting off her husband's penis.

After returning home from a night out drinking with her friends, Mukupa was greeted by the pesky rodent near her bed in her bedroom. The publication revealed that she was unable to sleep and was "infuriated" and so awakened Musonda "demanding" that he remove the rat from their home. After Musonda refused to help her with her request, the couple began fighting leading to Mukupa "sinking her teeth [Musonda's] into his genitals." Further, it was reported by The U.S. Sun that Musonda was rushed to the Kitwe Teaching Hospital due to a "serious tear" to his penis and is under treatment there. The Daily Star reported that Mukupa must have been drunk at the time, having just returned home for her night out.

According to reports, it was revealed to the Zambia Observer by Deputy Police Commissioner for Copperbelt Province Bothwell Namusa that Mukupa and Musonda are not together but do live in the same home in Bothwell, Namuswa, in separate bedrooms. Many who have heard about the story have been in more than mild shock, as comments on published articles show people asking what the point of all this was. Most importantly, this looks to be a serious case, and while this fight seemed to turn out quite horribly for Musonda, there have been no updates on if Mukupa has been charged for the attack on her husband. There are also no updates on how Musonda is doing with his treatment or any reports on the extent of his injuries. The media is yet to report his current condition.

Interestingly enough, the Daily Star reported that rats are a problem in Kitwe with even the Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya saying, "As old as the hospital is, it is unacceptable for the management to allow rats in the patient wards, especially after receiving support from the government" after a video of rodents around the hospital Musonda is being treated in surfaced.

The Mirror further reported that this wasn't the first violent act of this nature to be brought to media attention recently. According to reports, a man named Mohammad Mahmoud Shaar, aged 26 from Coconut Creek in Florida was arrested after he had beaten his girlfriend's son, later cutting his genitals with his fingernails. Further, The Sun reported yet another incident involving a couple living in Nigeria where a fight amongst them resulted in the wife bitting her husband's penis off after her husband had "violently bit her breasts." The publication revealed that the cousin of the male victim had said, "He was taken to the hospital that night. I wonder if he will regain his manhood because it was badly cut" as the woman was taken into the Police Divisional Headquarters in Aboh Mbaise.

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