"I didn't think about the consequences": Girl accused of pushing her friend off bridge pleads not guilty to reckless endangerment

Initially, the Holgerson's family did not want Smith to be charged but later on she changed her mind hoping that the woman sits on jail and reflects on what she did.

                            "I didn't think about the consequences": Girl accused of pushing her friend off bridge pleads not guilty to reckless endangerment

A teenager who was previously filmed pushing her fellow teenage friend off a 60-foot bridge has pleaded not guilty to reckless endangerment. Taylor Smith, who is now 18, appeared in Washington state's Clark County District Court for her arraignment on Friday, when she entered her not guilty plea, as reported by The Columbian.

The charge against Smith included reckless endangerment after she was caught on camera, pushing her friend, the 16-year-old Jordan Holgerson, off the three-story Moulton Falls Bridge in Yacolt, Washington, on August 7. As a result of the massive plunge, Holgerson suffered five cracked ribs and a punctured lung from belly-flopping into the water. Reportedly, the other injuries she suffered, included a bruised esophagus, an injured trachea and air bubbles in her chest.


The video which filmed Smith in action, and had gone viral real quick, shows Holgerson standing on top of the bridge, with a group of friends gathered behind her. She can be heard saying she didn't want to jump, despite her friends pressurizing her to do it. She could be heard saying 'no', shortly before Smith - out of nowhere - shoves her into the water.

On Friday, Smith was granted supervised release from the court and told that she cannot contact Holgerson or leave the area except to attend school in Lane County, Oregon, reports The Columbian. Holgerson herself was present in the crowd, at the time of Smith's arraignment. Smith's next court date has been scheduled for December 4. Her charges - reckless endangerment - happens to be a gross misdemeanor and the maximum penalty is up to a year in jail and/or a $5,000 fine.  


After the video went viral, Smith claimed Holgerson, had asked her to push her off the Moulton Falls Bridge because she was scared. As per her own words to Good Morning America, she never thought about the consequences, and believed she 'would be fine.' "She wanted to jump and she was scared and she asked me to give her a push, I didn't think about the consequences," Smith had shared, revealing that she had tried to apologize to Holgerson several times, but was not only not allowed to see her, but also asked to leave the hospital where she was recovering.

Right after the incident, Holgerson's family had said that she didn't want Smith to be charged, but later she changed her mind. 'Now that I've thought about it more, I'm kind of wanting her to sit in jail and think about at least what she did,' Holgerson said in an interview with Today. 

Taking to Instagram a few days later, she wrote: "I just want to stay positive with my whole situation and not think about what has happened in the past week. And I wanted to thank everyone who has supported me or txted me with positive intent. But at the moment I feel trapped, and I feel like I can’t do anything and I feel like it’s not going to get better because we keep finding more problems.. so if anyone could message me to make me feel better I’m more than happy to listen:)"