NY woman held captive, sexually tortured by estranged husband and his girlfriend

NY woman held captive, sexually tortured by estranged husband and his girlfriend
Justin Wilson at the time of his arrest (Fulton County Police Department)

Warning: This article contains graphic and sexually explicit content 

GLOVERSVILLE, NEW YORK: A woman from New York was kidnapped by her estranged husband and his girlfriend and tortured for days. The torture included cutting off of a finger and an attempted drowning among other brutal activities. The woman, 37, said she was kidnapped at gunpoint on December 31, 2021 from her home in Gloversville. The woman's estranged husband, Justin Wilson, 31, then proceeded to assault her physically and sexually after being held captive at Wilson's home. Police have arrested Wilson and his girlfriend Nicole Elmore, 35. The duo has been accused of kidnapping, sodomizing, whipping, and disfiguring the woman. 

“Throughout the entire time I was with Justin, he was threatening to kill me and told me if I didn’t kill myself, he would kill me,” the victim told police. She also said that Wilson drove her to his trailer which was about 40 miles north of Albany. He then proceeded to abuse her for the next six days. At one point he even amputated the woman's pinky finger and burnt the wound to staunch the bleeding. The woman also stated that she was forced to sleep in a filthy room along with a pitbull. Wilson's acts of abuse included choking her till she blacked out, sodomizing her with a baseball bat, whipping her with a cord and sexually assaulting her. 


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Justin Wilson and Nicole Elmore (Photo via Fulton County Police Department)

The victim said that after six days of being kidnapped, Wilson and his girlfriend Nicole drove her to a motel in Amsterdam, NY, where they continued abusing her. Wilson tried to drown the victim in a hot tub in the motel among other crimes. “Nicole was involved in everything," the victim said in a Jan 7 statement. The woman was able to escape after she was left in an SUV by herself. She said that Wilson had put her inside the car and went into a home. 

According to court documents, the victim ran to a grocery store where she was refused entry because she did not have a mask on. But the store officials stated that they booked her a cab and called the police for her. Jon Franco, the grocery store owner, stated that he had not asked her to leave but tried to help her. He also added that the woman had been 'beaten to a pulp'. Franco also told Times Union that they kept asking her if she was okay but she was barely responsive. By the time the police arrived, the woman had left in a cab to her grandfather who later took her to the Nathan Littauer Hospital. 

Wilson was arrested late Jan 6 evening after a two-hour standoff. Elmore was arrested after being located inside a vehicle. Wilson and Nicole have been charged with first-degree kidnapping, first-degree assault with the intent to disfigure, dismember or disable, and first-degree aggravated sexual abuse. Both remain in jail and have pleaded not guilty. Their next court appearance is scheduled for February 7.

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