Woke LA DA George Gascon slammed for NOT charging Dave Chappelle's attacker, Isaiah Lee, with felony

The suspect Isaiah Lee may walk free if Gascon opts for a low-or-no-cash bail

                            Woke LA DA George Gascon slammed for NOT charging Dave Chappelle's attacker, Isaiah Lee, with felony
George Gascon (L) has reduced the charges agasinst Isaiah Lee (R) to misdemeanor (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images, NONAME_TRAPPER/Spotify)

Los Angeles' woke DA George Gascon will not pursue felony charges against Dave Chappelle's attacker, Isaiah Lee. Gascon has reduced the charges to misdemeanor instead. The Los Angeles County District Attorney's office announced on Thursday, May 5, that Lee won't face any felony charges. The case has now been referred to the LA City Attorney, Mike Feuer, who only handles misdemeanors.

Lee, 23, attacked comedian Dave Chappelle with a blade-firing fake gun during a concert titled 'Netflix Is A Joke' in Los Angeles on Tuesday, April 3. LAPD spokesperson Lizeth Lomeli confirmed that he was carrying a fake handgun with a blade inside.


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Lee was listed as being 5 feet 10 inches tall, and 140 pounds. An address given for him matched that of an LA homeless shelter. He also had to be hospitalized after security pounced on him. He was seen with his arm twisted and seemingly snapped, and also appeared to have a puffed-up, bloody right eye and a bloody nose. 


Chappelle's attacker, Lee, is a wannabe rap star. He raps under the name “NoName_Trapper", and has a Spotify profile with nearly 6,000 monthly listeners. Lee was booked with felony assault with a deadly weapon over the attack. 

Gascon's office is famous for being in favor of low-or-no-cash-bonds. Now that Lee's case has been referred to Feuer because "the evidence as presented did not constitute felony conduct", the attacker might soon walk free. He is being held on a $30,000 bond at present.

Isaiah Lee seen tackling Dave Chappelle on stage (@bri_sacks/Twitter)


The weapon Lee carried while attacking Dave Chappelle (@LAPDHQ/Twitter)

'Gascon fails to lead by example'

Over 4,00,000 voters have signed a Los Angeles County petition calling for Gascón's recall. To get the recall question on the November ballot for Los Angeles voters, the petition needs to have 5,66,857 by July 6. 

Reportedly, there has been a significant increase in criminal activities such as follow-home robberies, smash-and-grab robberies, homelessness and homicide under Gascon's soft-on-crime policies. According to Fox11, LA has witnessed a 34% increase in homicide, 15.5% increase in violent crimes, 6.7% increase in property crimes and 67% increase in shooting victims since Gascon took office in 2020. LAPD statistics reportedly revealed that arrests have decreased by nearly 25% since the time. 

Gascon has been slammed on social media for his refusal to pursue felony charges against Lee. "George Gascon should not only be recalled he should also be prosecuted for dereliction of Duty. Many people have been effected for him letting hardened Criminals back on the streets over and over again to attack murder and steal. It’s truly Criminal what he’s done To LA," one user wrote on Twitter. "George Gascón is bad for the office & ultimately bad for Los Angeles. His lack of leadership hurts us all. George has prosecuted ZERO cases, he fails to lead by example, and he considers people who hurt others victims. We deserve better LA!" wrote another. 



"George Gascón’s office laid out why the man won’t be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. So Dave should have let himself get stabed to death for this DA to do the proper thing and charge him with attempted murder? Gascon is a huge t**d!" one user said. "That total p*s Los Angeles DA George Gascon isn’t pursuing felony charges on the man who attacked Dave Chappelle w/ a knife hidden in a gun at the Hollywood Bowl. No, the woke district attorney a-hole reduced the charges to a misdemeanor. Unfreakingreal….," wrote another. One user commented, "Lets be clear; George Gascon s not a "progressive" DA. He allows abusers of women and LGBT people out at a higher rate than any other prosecutor before him. He has NOT reformed police (case in point the assault last night in DTLA). We need to get him out".