Willie Nelson's CBD brand 'Willie's Remedy' is now selling hemp tinctures to help you sleep better

The legendary country singer has launched an interesting new tincture product line made from hemp extract and organic MCT oil

                            Willie Nelson's CBD brand 'Willie's Remedy' is now selling hemp tinctures to help you sleep better
Willie Nelson (Getty Images)

Country singer Willie Nelson will launch a new product, a set of hemp oil tinctures, under his 'Willie's Remedy' brand.

The hemp-based wellness products allow consumers to personalize their usage with different formulations. The tincture incorporates hemp that is organically grown in the US by American farmers, and it contains organic MCT oil essentially derived from coconuts and infused with full-spectrum hemp extract.

Starting January 29, consumers in the US can buy the new tincture products online. The tincture joins the company’s hemp-infused coffee that was introduced in February 2019, according to Rolling Stone. The company is co-founded by Willie's wife Annie Nelson.

 For those familiar with all things Willie Nelson, it comes as no surprise to hear that the outlaw country singer has been a long-time activist for the legalization of Cannabis, as well as the regulation and taxation of the plant, openly discussing his Cannabis usage for decades.

He sits on the advisory board of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). According to numerous people, he's the first true American Cannabis icon.

The legend has been candid, and at times, humourous about his cannabis usage, and even had people turning the musician into a punchline for the plant. In an article from Rolling Stone, Nelson even spoke about how Cannabis saved his life. He said, "I wouldn't be alive. It saved my life, really." He added, "I wouldn't have lived 85 years if I'd have kept drinking and smoking like I was when I was 30, 40 years old. I think that weed kept me from wanting to kill people. And probably kept a lot of people from wanting to kill me too — out there drunk, running around."

Willie Nelson's tincture family (Press handout)

The plant compounds in full-spectrum hemp oil interact with the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS). A growing body of research shows strong evidence that the ECS is responsible for maintaining equilibrium for a number of systems and functions, playing a role in sleep, regulating the body’s inflammatory response and more.

In hemp, full-spectrum means it includes all cannabinoids and terpenes that remain once the oil is extracted from the plant. Cannabinoids are naturally occurring compounds found in the Cannabis sativa plant. There are five distinct cannabinoids and 14 cannabis terpenes in the extract that are used to produce the new 'Willie's Remedy' product from the original flower present in the tincture.

If consumers are interested in trying different formulations, the new tincture line will offer five different infusion strengths that are available in 1 oz. bottles. For people who want to take small doses daily, the 250mg tincture requires little precision. For those looking to take higher dosages on cannabinoids, the 2500 mg or 5000 mg infusion provides an alternative to multiple droppers under the tongue.

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