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Will Netflix's 'Dance 100' have Season 2? Here's everything you need to know

There is no official announcement about a renewal, but Netflix's 'Dance 100' is likely to return
'Dance 100' winner Brandi Chun performing (Netflix)
'Dance 100' winner Brandi Chun performing (Netflix)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Netflix's 'Dance 100' brought eight accomplished dancers on one platform to compete with each other. With each episode dramatizing intense competition between the talented choreographers, they were challenged with new formats - sometimes a prop was used and sometimes a storyline was presented. Crossing all the hurdles successfully, Brandi Chun was declared the winner of the season.

Keenan Cooks was the runner-up of the show. The show concluded on a splendid note, with each dancer giving off their best performance. The competitive environment and the thrill of the dances in the first season of Netflix's show left the viewers wondering whether there will be a second season of the show. Keep reading to know.


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When will 'Dance 100' Season 2 release?

There has not been any official confirmation regarding the new season. Seeing the sensation Netflix brought with the release of 'Dance 100', there will be no surprise if the show is renewed. Should there be a second season, expect it to drop sometime in 2024.

What will 'Dance 100' Season 2 be all about?

The hope is that the new season will follow the same pattern as that of the last one. Season 1 had eight successful dancers and choreographers - Ally Love, Keenan Cooks, Rudy Garcia, Brandi Chun, Rex Kline, Janick Arseneau, Celine Edmondson, and Akira Armstrong. Well, there were a bunch of other talented dancers who kept on joining the team of each choreographer with each passing episode. To increase the level every week, either the dancers in teams were doubled or a certain number of them were added. In each episode, we witnessed an elimination. The finale had a face-off between two choreographers and their teams. Well, the judges here are the dancers performing in the show. There isn't any particular panel to judge the contestants.

If a second season materializes, it might follow the same format.

'Dance 100' host Ally Love (Netflix)
'Dance 100' host Ally Love (Netflix)

Who will be in the cast of 'Dance 100' Season 2?

Do not expect the same choreographers to come back. They might return as judges but obviously not as contestants. There is speculation that another bunch of new faces will be seen competing with each other. However, this is just speculation. Let us wait for the official announcement.


There is no trailer for Season 2 yet, however, watch this space for more updates.