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'Dance 100' runner-up Keenan Cooks breaks down while recalling his battle with brain tumor

Keenan Cooks danced against Brandi Chun in the final 'Dance 100' battle
Keenan Cooks won the battle against his brain tumor (Netflix)
Keenan Cooks won the battle against his brain tumor (Netflix)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Netflix's one of the most intriguing reality competitions, 'Dance 100'. The unique dance competition gave viewers chills as eight aspiring choreographers competed for a whopping cash prize of $100,000. While some dancers entered the competition to prove their worth to others, a few wanted the stage's spotlight. Keenan Cooks emerged from his past struggles to live out his dreams on the show.

Keenan, who was an assistant choreographer on projects for Kelly Rowland and Lizzo, battled with a brain tumor when he was eight years old. The doctors thought Keenan would never be able to dance again. But the aspiring choreographer defeated the brain tumor and reached the finals of 'Dance 100'.


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Keenan Cooks battled brain tumor as a child

Keenan is one of the most talented dancers on the show, having worked as an assistant choreographer on projects for Kelly Rowland and Lizzo. However, his path to success was not easy. He struggled with a health scare when he was just eight years old. It was a breakdown moment for Keenan but he rose from there, survived a surgery to remove a malignant brain tumor and lived to tell the tale. During a confessional clip, Keenan revealed, "I've always doubted myself. [But] Where I come from, failure is not an option." Keenan further revealed, "When I was eight years old, I used to have really massive migraines, and we couldn't figure out what it was." Kennan added, "So I went to the doctors and got a CAT scan, and then I found out that I had a brain tumor." Keenan continues that when he sat down with his family and they told him the diagnosis, he felt defeated. He added, "I was told that there was potential. I would never be able to dance again, just because of the effects of the surgery, and that is a lot to take on as a child." The aspiring choreographer further shared, "But I think that's what drove me to get out of recovery so fast, having danced in the back of my mind. Like, there was no way that I was brought into this world to not dance. To be able to live out my dreams every day, and do what I love is amazing." Kennan further said that he is grateful to be on 'Dance 100' and wants to just dance.

Keenan Cooks is crowned 'Dance 100' runner-up

Keenan's excellent choreographic skills and flawless moves crowned him 'Dance 100' Season 1's runner-up. He has been one of the favorites since the first two rounds. Keena's marvelous performances helped him to secure a position in the semi-finals. During the penultimate round, Keenan prepared two different performances for 25 dancers. Keenan paid the tribute to the 1970s and the results on the stage were mesmerizing. He used bright colors as his props and his crew beautifully danced with him. Meanwhile, for the second dance in the semi-finals, Keenan delivered a romantically haunting performance. He was assigned to tell a story based on the narrative of 'A Night Under the Stars' through dance. Keenan was against Brandi Chun in the finals and prepared one routine for 50 dancers and another for all the 100 members of the Dance 100 crew. Though, Keenan might lose the finals, he did win viewers' hearts.

'Dance 100' is available to stream on Netflix.