Kanye West teases Yeezy sunglasses, Internet asks if he 'redesigned women's hairbands'

He took to Twitter to share pictures of his eyewear collection and the internet had a field day comparing it to 'women's hairband'

                            Kanye West teases Yeezy sunglasses, Internet asks if he 'redesigned women's hairbands'
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Rapper Kanye West is a multi-faceted personality, he's also a fashion designer, producer and a self-proclaimed ambitious candidate for 2020 US presidential elections. On August 15, he introduced the new collection of outlandish sunglasses which according to netizens, resemble hairbands. He shared some of the pictures on Twitter, offering a look at his YEEZY-Gap partnership.

He also shared pictures of his collection of waterproof bags. He only shared a limited number of pictures of his eyewear collection, most of which were stylized wooden sunglasses. 


After the picture went viral, people started mocking Kanye, saying that he redesigned "women's hairband" to sell sunglasses. One joked that Kanye was watching 'Star Trek' when he decided to steal Geordi La Forge's glasses. In the series, Geordi is portrayed as blind since his birth and he uses a special device to see. His device is replaced by ocular prosthetic implants in the last three films of the franchise. "Nope he was watching old reruns of Star Trek and stole the Geordi glasses," wrote one user.


One joked, "Y’all are gonna let him sell you a headband??"


Another said, “Kanye redesigned women hairband to sell."


Others came up with some theories about how Kanye conceived the odd sunglasses. "I’m pretty sure Ye just had a hairband on his head, dropped something, bent over to pick it up hairband slides over eyes which marked the creation of his new eyewear. Tell me I’m wrong." 


“But is Kanye really OK? What's this rubbish? The people that surround him don't tell him the truth I suppose," one asked.   


One was a little harsh, "When you're famous you could use banana peels as souls for your shoes and people will still buy."


Yeezy, which owns this latest eyewear collection, is Kanye's collaboration with German sportswear brand Adidas. The collaboration has become highly popular for their sports products such as high-end sneakers, shirts, jackets, track pants and women’s shoes but their most high-end product remains the Yeezy Boost sneaker line.

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