Will Kanye West's whirlwind marriage impact his children? Kim Kardashian worried about 'inevitable drama'

Will Kanye West's whirlwind marriage impact his children? Kim Kardashian worried about 'inevitable drama'
Kim Kardashian with her children (Kim Kardashian/Instagram)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: It was shocking news when rapper-designer Kanye West (Ye) got married to Yeezy designer Bianca Censori in a very quiet ceremony in Beverly Hills. Although no one knows how long the duo have been dating, the rapper did recently get divorced from his ex-wife Kim Kardashian after she filed the papers in 2021. 


Kim has been missing from the public eye ever since the news of Ye's marriage broke on the Internet. In some ways this is unusual as Kim has been quite vocal about how her ex's behaviour affects her and her children. In particular, she has brought up how hard it is to co-parent with Kanye. But the shotgun marriage seems to have surprised even her. Here is a look back on the timeline of events, from the 'KimYe' union, break-up and the aftermath of the Ye's second marriage. More importantly, how will the new woman in Kanye's life change his equation with his children with Kim? Is Kim right to be worried?


Who is Bianca Censori? Kanye West SECRETLY MARRIES longtime Yeezy designer in private ceremony

Kanye West and new wife Bianca Censori spent honeymoon at Utah luxury resort after secret marriage

The 'KimYe' Era

On May 24, 2014, Kim and Kanye got married in an intimate ceremony in Florence Italy surrounded by friends and family. They are proud parents to four beautiful Children Psalm, North, Chicago, and Saint. After six years of marriage, the couple moved to divorce. In between all the drama surrounding their divorce, the two have always been there for their four kids and have tried to co-parent to the best of their combined abilities.


Kanye’s marriage to Bianca Censori and aftermath

Kanye has made it known that he wants to have a say in his children’s upbringing, often mocking her ex-wife’s parenting techniques. Amid his constant online 'war of words' against her, it was the duo’s children who ultimately suffered when their parents couldn't get along.

Ye’s marriage to Bianca came as a shock as the rapper and the Yeezy designer kept their relationship out of the public eye. Also, even as recently as late October in 2022, the rapper was spotted with many different women, namely Chaney Jones Julia and FoxIrina Shayk. In the middle of their parents’ much-publicized divorce and their lives after, Kanye's children have been unaware of this sudden sensational 'Censori development.


Why is Kim Kardashian worried after Kanye’s marriage?

The US Sun has quoted a source as saying: "Kim is stunned, and wondering how the hell she's going to explain this to the kids. This last year her only wish has been that Kanye will meet someone, anything to take his obsession off her.” The source added, "But now, it’s just the inevitable drama as always, and Kim is left, once again, trying to protect the kids from the whirlwind."

The insider further revealed how the two had not been in touch off late. "Kanye has been going off the grid, saying he’s really busy with work and other things so she hasn't even managed to get a straight answer out of him. She's just worried about the kids and how this will affect them. It's like Kanye is toxic. He poisoned Kim's chance at a normal relationship with Pete, and now he's gone off and married someone."


Kim and Kanye’s children may feel ‘replaced’, warns expert

Needless to say, while the adults were busy dealing with the divorce drama, it was the children who were being ignored. Speaking to The Sun, Kirsty Ketley, a parenting specialist, opined that Kanye’s secret marriage could leave his children feeling ‘unimportant’ and ‘replaced. She said this may also damage their self-esteem, and they could also grow up with some long-term commitment issues in their own relationships."  

"Parents are children's first role models," Ketley said. "So how they behave in and manage their relationships will influence how their children go on to form and manage relationships when they are older. While the kids may have accepted Kanye and Kim getting divorced, co-parenting has been somewhat of a strain at times, with Kim seemingly doing the majority of the care," Ketley added.


"It is important that when parents are separated, any new partner is gradually introduced to the kids, on the kids’ terms, and at their pace, so that they can build up a relationship and trust," Ketley explained. "Kanye and Kim’s kids always come across as confident, but they may find it difficult to come to terms with their dad moving on and marrying someone else so quickly," she added. Kim and Kanye’s children have been in the public eye since birth as both their parents are famous all around the world. Neither Kim nor her family has given any official statement about their opinions on the rapper's marriage.

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