Ohio woman who killed husband, hid his chopped up body at home and then pretended he was alive gets jailed for 20 years

The woman, Marcia Eubank, used her husband's Facebook profile to put up periodic posts so that no one in the family would suspect that anything was wrong.

                            Ohio woman who killed husband, hid his chopped up body at home and then pretended he was alive gets jailed for 20 years

*Warning distressing content* 

A woman from Ohio has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for murdering and then dismembering her husband whom she claims was extremely abusive. 

50-year-old Marcia Eubank who is from the Coventry Township was sentenced to the two-decade-long imprisonment on Friday after she pleaded guilty to murder with a firearm, tampering with evidence, and abuse of a corpse on December 21 last year. Marcia was accused of murdering her 54-year-old husband Howard Eubank.



According to the investigators, Marcia shot her husband several times in the head while they were inside their Akron-area home on June 13 in 2017. She then proceeded to chop up his body and scatter the remaining bits of his body around the house in storage containers. Marcia confessed to her shocking crime in December, around six months after the incident took place when her son whose name is also Howard discovered a container which held some of his father's body parts. Howard Eubank junior had left his keys in the house and climbed through a window to get it when he saw the crate. 

According to cleveland.com, he spotted the crate full of flies and maggots and texted his mother who admitted to killing his father sometime in June. Another one of Howard's sons and Marcia's stepson Jonathon Eubank shared with ABC News that Marcia had gone to extreme lengths to try and keep her gruesome crime a secret. Jonathon also claimed that Marcia had told everyone that Howard had left her and moved to Texas.

Jonathon said, "We all thought it was odd and strange that he would just up and leave, but it never crossed our mind that she would actually murder him." He added that the last time he had spoken to his father was a month before the crime had taken place and the two had discussed how excited they were for his August wedding. "And then in the middle of June, we get a message saying that he left my stepmom and went to Texas. My oldest brother got a text message from my dad off his phone saying he’s in Texas and he’s fine," Jonathon continued. 



After Howard's death, Jonathon shared that in order no one from the family suspected anything was amiss, posts would appear on his father's Facebook. He now knows that the posts were written by his sick stepmother. "Periodically, there would be posts on his Facebook. One was to Marcia saying he had missed her. That was one of the last Facebook posts that we had seen from his account," he shared. 

According to an attorney for Marcia, she was allegedly physically and emotionally abused by her husband during the 25-year period that they were married. However, court records show how the couple's relatives told authorities the opposites, stating that it was she who was the abusive partner in the relationship. 




Marcia was given the chance to speak at her sentencing hearing on Friday where the stone-faced woman shared, "I would like to say I'm truly remorseful for what happened. Truly know that what I did was wrong and I'm very sorry."