'Wicked Tuna' Finale: Tyler McLaughlin's Pinwheel makes history, becomes first Northern boat to win in South

'Wicked Tuna' Finale: Tyler McLaughlin's Pinwheel makes history, becomes first Northern boat to win in South
Tyler McLaughlin (National Geographic)

Tyler McLaughlin and his sister Marissa 'Merm' McLaughlin weren't on top of the leaderboard when the season began but they picked up pace and by the time they caught their 16th fish of the season, they were among the top two boats. Eventually, they won, which was not surprising given how they had sped up in the last few episodes. 

Meanwhile, fans cannot stop celebrating the win. Some even said how Tyler's boat, Pinwheel, made history by winning 'Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks' Season 7 finale.

"Congrats Tyler two person crew .Much respect watched from episode 1 Tyler my fav boat always close to top," a fan commented on the show's Facebook page implying that Pinwheel won despite them competing with a smaller team than the rest of the boats. "PINWHEEL BABY! 1ST NORTHERN BOAT TO WIN IN THE SOUTH!," another user expressed. It can be said Pinwheel broke the jinx or busted the myth that it's challenging for a Northern boat win when in South.
"Tyler & his sister got screwed this season due to getting MARY as the person who decides the price they get on their fish. She is the LOWEST PRICING PERSON. How in the hell did she even get that job? And...how did PINWHEEL & HOT TUNA manage to get so lucky to get her??? She is so totally inconsistent with the other weigh-in/pricing people it sucks. GET RID OF MARY!! PLEASE," another seemed to complain about Mary, who usually sets the price for the bluefin tuna after inspecting its fat content and core color. This has been widely discussed among fans. Even last week, some fans took to social media to express their annoyance over how Mary has been biased.

"The boat that won deserved it if tyler and his sister didn't win it would have been little shell then hot tuna the 3 best boats frenzy got lucky like dave did but they didn't have what it takes," another viewer shared stating Pinwheel deserved every bit of the win but if it would not have been them then Little Shell and Hot Tuna could taken the spot.

The 'Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks' Season 7 finale aired on October 18, Sunday on National Geographic.

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