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'Wicked Tuna': Will Pinwheel win? Fans are rooting for team but southern boats are getting paid a lot more

If Pinwheel wins, it'll be the first Northern boat to do so but unfortunately, Mary, the person who determines the quality and price of the catch, always gives them a lower price
Tyler McLaughlin (National Geographic)
Tyler McLaughlin (National Geographic)

'Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks' is coming to a close and the fight is getting intense. In this week's episode of this National Geographic-backed show, we saw the Pinwheel putting in their best effort to ensure that they caught their final blue fins to push themselves up on the leaderboard. They are neck and neck with the Little Shell. 

"Winning this season would mean so much to Tyler and to me too. If we win this season, we'd be the first northern boat to win. We need another tuna asap. We are running out of time," Marissa 'Merm' McLaughlin shared in her confessional.

Meanwhile, fans think that team Pinwheel can do all they want but Mary, the person who determines the quality and price of the catch, will always give them a lower price than Scottie, who is responsible for paying the Southern boats. Though most are rooting for Pinwheel to win, if they are being paid a lower price for their bluefins then it's going to be tough.

"Looks like the prices are up for Southern boats. Surprised? Not," a fan commented on the show's official page on Facebook, to which another responded: "My husband & I just said the same thing!!! Tyler should be on top, but she gave him a crappy price."
"Has anyone else noticed that the buyers on the dock control the entire show? Southern boats will get $20.00/lb, while Northern boats will get $12.00/lb. At least in Gloucester, everyone seems to be treated equally," a user pointed out. "Wish we could tell Tyler to NEVER EVER SELL TO MARY - EVER AGAIN!," another wrote. "Rooting for Tyler, but if a southern boat is going to win, I'm rooting for Rasta Rocket, them poor boys need a bigger boat$$$!" a fan expressed. "$19 a pound?!! MARY IS SCREWING THE NORTHERN BOATS! B******T!," another exclaimed.

"Why is Mary always lowering than the other buyers?" a user asked.
Catch Season 7 finale of 'Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks' on National Geographic. It airs on October 18 at 9/8c. For more information, check your local listings.