Why is NYPD barricading Trump Tower before election results? Internet says ‘they're here to haul rioters’

The vehicles deployed in barricading are used to create a dense, protective barrier in the event of a bomb detonating, reports suggest

                            Why is NYPD barricading Trump Tower before election results? Internet says ‘they're here to haul rioters’
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As election day results are about to roll in, Trump Tower turned into a fortress as large NYPD trucks stationed on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan at Donald Trump’s former residence. The trucks filled with gravel surrounded the building as police braced for potential unrest speculated after the declaration of the winner of the United States presidential race.

Heavy police presence is seen around Trump Tower with video footage unraveling at least five dump trucks and an NYPD bus lined up near the building. As per Business Insider, the trucks are filled with sand. These vehicles are being used to create a solid, protective barrier in the event of a bomb detonating if any such mishap occurs. 

NYPD said parts of Manhattan could become “freeze areas” with no cars or pedestrians allowed if looting breaks out after elections. “Listen, we all know there's an election today, who knows who's gonna win, who's not gonna win, what the results are,” said Chief Terence Monahan, the highest-ranked uniformed officer of the NYPD, outside 1 Police Plaza. “We have no intel of any problems right now, but that's why we're all working. We're gonna have thousands of cops working tomorrow specifically for whatever may occur. So we'll be ready,” a user posted footage outside of Trump Tower in NYC.


Zero tolerance for violence

As per reports, a small number of protesters started to swarm outside the Trump Tower on November 3. Later larger groups gathered elsewhere in the city of Manhattan at various places. At many places in NYC, anti-Trump graffiti was seen on the plywood over the windows. Regarding such activities, tight security measures are in place with heavy police deployment around Trump Tower.

The barricading of the luxurious building came after the NYPD chief issued a warning to would-be troublemakers on Election Day briefing on November 3. Monahan reinforced the department's plans to facilitate peaceful protests. “To anyone who plans to peacefully protest in the coming days: We are here for you, but we need your help too. Let those who try to cause chaos know they are not welcome," Monahan said. “Don’t let them steal your message. Separate with those agitators and we will deal with them. New York’s Finest is without a doubt fully prepared to keep our city safe as we move forward.”

He mentioned in the briefing that NYPD will have thousands of cops ready for any violence across New York City. He warned disruptors, "Don't even try it. We know who you are. And you will be arrested.”

Previously, people in Midtown Manhattan have barricaded their doors and windows speculating unrest as results pour in. Earlier, Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio said they are "ready for every eventuality, but there's nothing specifically showing up at this moment that causes alarm." He added warning the agitators, "We will not allow any violence. I want to be clear once again about this, as reported by NBC.

Now as the Trump Tower is being barricaded, it caused a social media frenzy. People started tweeting pictures and videos of Trump Tower and police deployment. A user posted, “The bridge over the Chicago River has now been lifted, preventing access to Trump Tower.” Another posted some pictures of the Trump Tower, “French-style railings, police officers and city trucks block off the upper and lower portions of Wabash Avenue in front of Trump Tower in Chicago ahead of tonight’s presidential election results.”

A user wrote against potential extremist groups in USA, “They're there to haul off all the BLM rioters, NOT protesters, and DeBlassio's bunch.” A user wrote in favor of barricading, “Protect the buildings and people. Arrest anyone who commits violence against property or people.” A user said, “Such a beautiful area, these lunatics are destroying NYC with their riots and constant need for reinforcements.” 






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