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Why did Meghan blame Dr Procter? '1000 Lb-Best Friends' star sheds 'crocodile tears' as truth hits

Meghan Crumpler stormed out of Dr Procter's office with tears in her eyes when he asked her about her weight loss progress
UPDATED JAN 12, 2023
Dr Charles Procter and '1000 Lb-Best Friends' star Meghan Crumpler (TLC)
Dr Charles Procter and '1000 Lb-Best Friends' star Meghan Crumpler (TLC)

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: In the recent episode of '1000 Best Friends,' we saw Meghan Crumpler meet Dr Charles Procter after her friends forced and eventually convinced her to do so. However, the meeting didn't go well. When Dr Procter asked Meghan if she had stuck to the diet and maintained her weight loss, she broke down and said that's why she didn't want to come to the clinic.

Meghan was hurt by Dr Procter's questions about weight loss and began to cry. She dashed out of the office saying she needed some time to herself. Instead of comforting '1000-Lb Best Friends' star, Dr Procter enlightened her about her weight loss, claiming that she lets little things affect her and sees her friends thriving, but not her. Instead of accepting her flaws, Meghan seemed to blame Dr Procter for her failures. Fans are now accusing Meghan of being a crybaby.


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'1000 Lb-Best Friends' star Meghan Crumpler (TLC)
'1000 Lb-Best Friends' star Meghan Crumpler (TLC)

'1000-Lb Best Friends' fans wonder why Meghan is blaming Dr Procter when it's her who is not making any effort to get back on the healthy track. A fan tweeted, "Megan is annoying!!! She isn't mad at Dr Proctor. She's mad that he's telling the truth and not accepting her lame excuses and crocodile tears." Another claimed the reason for Meghan lashing out at Dr Procter to be, "@Meghan_Onekbf has always had a crush on Dr Proctor. Because he treats her like he treats all his patients, it upsets her. Meghan desperately needs to seek Therapy to help her overcome the issues that are limiting her from living a full and happy life." "I’m sorry you got offended when Dr P called you out on your bullshit Meghan," wrote another fan. Another slammed the star saying, "Dr P isn’t shoveling the food in your mouth, Meghan."





A fan understood Meghan's situation, saying, "i understand where meghan's coming from but dr. procter is trying to help her understand accountability and sometimes it's not easy to come to terms with." However, another slammed the star for crying for every little things in the show. "How many times is meghan gonna cry this season," wondered a fan. Another tweeted, "Meghan is sooo annoying lol she is a grown woman who cries anytime something doesn’t go her way. How does he have friends?!?!" A fan claimed, "Meghan, needs therapy. You are a failure. Let’s keep it real. You lost almost 200 lbs after your surgery. Keep going. Keep pushing. Dr Procter is trying to save your life and you are being mad at his choice of words."





Let us further wait to see whether Meghan will start making effort to lose weight. Until then, stay tuned to TLC to watch '1000-lb Best Friends' Season 1. It releases every Wednesday at ET/PT.

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