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Why is 'Free Tommy' trending? Tommyinnit 'crushed' after TikTok bans him for no apparent reason

The internet celebrity who has at least 4 million followers was suddenly removed from TikTok on February 24, apparently without any reason
UPDATED FEB 25, 2021
Tiktok suddenly banned TommyInnit (Instagram tommyinnitt)
Tiktok suddenly banned TommyInnit (Instagram tommyinnitt)

Popular Minecraft YouTuber Thomas Simons aka Tommyinnit has been trending on Twitter with #FreeTommy soon after his TikTok account was banned out of nowhere. The popular internet celebrity was suddenly removed from TikTok on February 24, 2021, apparently without reason. 

His account had just reached the 4M followers mark and the sudden ban left the 16-year-old deeply saddened after he lost all his fanbase. He took to Twitter to share, "TikTok just banned me." As one of the fastest-growing stars on the internet, this ban comes as a huge shock for Tommyinnit, who currently has 1.3M followers on Twitter. He is also a popular Twitch streamer.


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“Crushed. I am absolutely crushed. Please TikTok,” the British streamer added with a hashtag that started trending on the social media site in a matter of minutes. “#FreeTommy.”


Many on Twitter jumped to the rescue to get the hashtag #FreeTommy trending.  "#FREETOMMY let him play with his basketball please tiktok," a fan tweeted. "you’re actually kidding me. spread this, my man ain’t do nothing #freetommy," another added. "#freetommy my mans has done nothing wrong," another user concurred. Inside jokes also started doing the rounds. "tommy didn’t do shit unban him! he’s already locked up in a prison don’t lock him up on tiktok too or youre a dream apologist #FreeTommy," one user wrote. 





Many also talked about The Vegan Teacher, another TikTok account that was banned after a petition sought to have her removed from the platform. We had earlier reported that Kadie Karen Diekmeyer, with 1.7M followers on TikTok, was banned for "violating community guidelines" after a petition signed by over 20,000 people called for her removal, saying that her content was "morally and ethically repugnant".

"#FreeTommy you can't let tommy be banned in less time then the GODDAMN VEGAN TEACHER," one said. "i can't believe tommyinnit got the same treatment as the vegan teacher #FreeTommy," another added. "#FreeTommy I thought the vegan teacher getting banned was great But Tommy getting banned it's a bad day for mankind," another of Tommy's fans wrote. 



Luckily for Tommy, when thousands of his loyal fans got on social media to share and retweet the hashtag, Tommy's account was restored within an hour. All of his videos were also restored on the site and Tommy was free to engage with fans, almost as if nothing had happened. It is unclear why TikTok banned Tommy in the first place and the app is yet to explain how the ban happened. 

Reports early this year said that after Tommy hit 40,000 subscribers on Twitch, it would bag him around $150,000 per month. Tommy was also trending a few days ago during one of his streams with Dream, a very popular Twitch streamer. The two were streaming to over 500,000 viewers when Tommy's internet abruptly shut down causing him to trend on Twitter.