Whoopi Goldberg’s controversial behavior: ‘The View’ host awkwardly exits after ending show early

Whoopi Goldberg’s controversial behavior: ‘The View’ host awkwardly exits after ending show early
‘The View’ episode on May 10 marked a special event as it celebrated ‘Teacher Appreciation Week’ (ABC)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: ‘The View’ co-host Whoopi Goldberg always manages to find herself in the headlines. Known for her activism on various political and social issues, she often talks about important issues on her talk show. On a recent episode of ‘The View’ which aired on Wednesday, May 10, 2023, Goldberg stunned fans and guests after wrapping up the episode early.

‘The View’ episode broadcast on Wednesday, May 10, marked a special event as it celebrated ‘Teacher Appreciation Week’. The show started with a discussion about paying the teachers more as the best way to appreciate them. While many teachers were invited as guests on the show, Goldberg did some quirky things (like always), which left the guests and fans confused. This episode was expected to be a special event for the teachers and students, but Goldberg’s weird behavior reportedly ruined it.


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Whoopi’s lost track of time

On the special event episode, the co-hosts of ‘The View’ starring Sunny Hostin, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sara Haines, and Alyssa Farah Griffin invited some teachers to pay tribute to all the educators. One teacher who had been teaching for forty years joined the hosts on their panel. After about 54 minutes into the show, the teacher was awarded a cruise before Goldberg shut down the show. While they were discussing the topic, Goldberg abruptly ended the show and said, “Thanks, everyone for coming. Thanks for watching.” She continued, “We’ll see you tomorrow, have a great day, everybody. Take a little time to enjoy the view.” She even asked off-camera about the cruise, “Is that the real one?”

When she suddenly ended the show early, the camera was still focused on her and the teacher, giving an “awkward exit” to Goldberg. The show then continued to air commercials which lasted for five minutes. Fans were furious and confused over Goldberg losing track of time while hosting the show. Well, this isn’t her first time doing such controversial acts on-air.


On Tuesday’s episode, a producer had to step in after Goldberg asked for help. While she was wrapping up a segment about Sesame Street, she called out for the producer. She said, “It’s one of the great things that Sesame Street did for adults. It reminded us that kids are people too, and go through the same kind of stuff. And nobody does it better for kids than Sesame Street.”

When referring to her notes, she got mixed up with the script and asked someone off-camera, “Is this an actual wrap or is this a wrap to go somewhere else?” The camera moved to a producer who confirmed it was an “actual wrap”. She then shared a laugh with her panelists and signed off after she bid her goodbyes.



Whoopi Goldberg shuts down ‘fartgate’ talks on ‘The View’

Before the hosts called the guests, Goldberg shuts down all the giggles about "fartgate". She alleges she’s done speaking about it and it shouldn’t be brought up ever again anywhere. Goldberg got her stage name derived from a whoopee cushion. She claims that there was never an issue with flatulence on the show. She asserted, “Before we get started, I want to put something to bed with the two of you [Sunny Hostin and Andy Cohen]. A sound was made on the table, and that’s what it was. We don’t need to bring it up ever again, anywhere. OK? We’re good?”


Although Cohen was a guest for that episode, Goldberg particularly wanted to clear it with Sunny. Sunny was slammed by Goldberg after she named her as the person “who passes gas the most on set” after Cohen asked Sunny on ‘Watch What Happens Live’. Goldberg did not appreciate the discussion between the two and wanted to clear the air about what actually happened on the set.

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