Why didn’t 'Law School' Episode 10 air? Here's when the show will return from break

'Law School' the JTBC show starring Kim Beom in the lead role did not air on May 13, Thursday, and has instead been postponed. Here's why

                            Why didn’t 'Law School' Episode 10 air? Here's when the show will return from break
A still of Ryu Hye-Young as Sol B, and Beom as Joon-hwi in 'Law School' (JTBC)

'Law School' Episode 10 did not air on May 13, Thursday, and is hence not available on Netflix to stream for international audiences as well. The show centers on a murder that takes place in a law school. One that specializes in training students through mock court trials.

Starring Kim Beom, Ryu Hye-young and Kim Myung-min in lead roles, the show has intrigued fans with an interesting plot as students try to figure out who really killed one of their professors. 


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Why is 'Law School' Episode 10 delayed?

A still of Yang Jong-hoon in 'Law School'. (JTBC)

'Law School' did not air on Thursday and instead, the production team dropped a special episode that featured interviews from the cast and crew. This is not surprising as Thursday is also when the Baeksang Awards took place. The country's biggest award show would grab most eyeballs and the official broadcast partner is JTBC. Hence, there is a delay in the broadcast of episode 10. 

When will 'Law School' Episode 10 air?

According to the official schedule on Netflix, the episode is expected to drop on May 19, Wednesday, which is a week later. This episode is also going to be crucial in terms of plot progression because we will see Professor Yang Jong-hoon (Kim Myung-min) appear as a defense lawyer for one of his students, Jeon Ye Seul (Go Yoon-jung), who is being indicted for hurting her boyfriend. This at a time when he himself is facing charges of murdering Professor Seo Byung-ju and the trial for the same is still on. Jong-hoon appears in court and asks for a jury trial so now we will have to wait a week longer to see what happens to the bad guys. 

A still of Seung-jae from 'Law School'. (JTBC)

Fans have also been sharing how tough it would be to wait on My Drama List. One of them wrote, "Also I hope Sol A passed her exams she didn’t seem too smiley when she entered court in the last scene I hope all is okay. Hoping to see more Joon Hwi and Sol A scenes in the next episode the wait is torture!" Another added, "Never watched a drama with so many unlikable characters. Except the main cast everyone is getting on my nerve. Seems like episode 10 gonna be more nerve-racking."

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