Why did Nick Viall call out Dom Gabriel? Here's what 'Bachelor' alum thinks of 'Perfect Match' star's relationships

Why did Nick Viall call out Dom Gabriel? Here's what 'Bachelor' alum thinks of 'Perfect Match' star's relationships
While 'Perfect Match' star Dom Gabriel has been the topic of discussion online, 'The Bachelor' alum Nick Viall seems to have jumped on the drama train (Instagram/nickviall/dontcalldom)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Dom Gabriel of 'Perfect Match' has been the topic of discussion online for a while now. The star's conflict with his co-star Georgia Hassarati hasn't stopped, even though they are no longer dating, and she's now seeing 'Too Hot To Handle's Season 1 contestant Harry Jowsey. The 26-year-old actress said she had been a "depressed mess" when she appeared on 'The Viall Files' podcast to talk about her prior turmoil. Nick Viall, the podcast host, and former 'Bachelor' lead who has been offering his thoughts on the matter, had some not-so 'perfect' words for Dom ever since the episode.


After winning Season 1 of Netflix's 'Perfect Match', Dom and Georgia are now exes, but they weren't the only ones engaged in their breakup. Looking back on their time on the show, Nick has noted the red flags he detected in Dom, even referring to him as "emotionally immature."


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Nick Viall calls out Dom Gabriel for his connection with Georgia Hassarati in 'Perfect Match' (Instagram/nickviall)
Nick Viall calls out Dom Gabriel for his connection with Georgia Hassarati in 'Perfect Match' (Instagram/@nickviall)


Why did Nick call out Dom?

Nick addressed how Dom handled his relationship with Georgia in his Instagram stories on Friday, March 10. He took a moment from the show where Dom tells Georgia, "You're kind of my best friend." Nick seemed to find the phrase "best friend" offensive. He told his followers that he had at first been a huge admirer of Dom. He admired Dom's ability to position himself as an "emotional king," as well as his openness. Also described him as a "beautiful crier." But he thinks the audience is giving him a pass, calling him "no less disingenuous than the rest of the bunch."

Nick granted Dom a pass when he confessed his love to Francesca Farago because "those environments are set up to make you confuse like intense feelings with love," Nick said. When Nick chose to start dating Georgia a week later, he was still rooting for Dom, but Nick believes Dom "just like gave himself away at that moment" when he named Georgia his best friend.


"If you're telling someone you're dating that they're your best friend after a couple days," Nick says, "either one you're full of crap you're just saying something cause you think it sounds nice, which is what I think is going on here … or 2 you're just emotionally immature." "You say super reckless things anytime you feel any level of intensity, which is toxic and really unfair to the people you're dating," Nick adds. "It's even worse when you play the broken-hearted victim after you scare them off from your unregulated emotional immaturity."



Georgia shares hot tea about Dom and Ines


Following the shooting of 'Perfect Match,' Georgia and Dom traveled to the United States in an effort to patch things up. Dom planned to go out with Ines Tazi while Georgia and Harry were shooting a podcast. Given that Ines had admitted her affection for Dom on 'Perfect Match,' Georgia believed he had done this to hurt her. Georgia felt left out when Dom and Ines ended up having dinner with other 'Perfect Match' celebrities. Being made to appear as though Georgia had cheated on Dom when she insisted she only began seeing Harry after everything with Dom concluded was "extremely hard to deal with," Georgia said.


'Perfect Match' Season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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 Nick Viall calls out Dom Gabriel amid his ongoing 'Perfect Match' drama