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Why did Don Spirit kill his family? Florida man's 911 call after killing daughter, 6 grandkids in 2014 goes viral

Don Spirit's murder victims included his 28-year-old daughter and her six children aged between 9 years and two months; he later killed himself too
Don Spirit's chilling 911 call has gone viral on TikTok (Florida Department of Law Enforcement handout)
Don Spirit's chilling 911 call has gone viral on TikTok (Florida Department of Law Enforcement handout)

BELL, FLORIDA: The gruesome murder-suicide where Florida man Don Spirit took eight lives including his own has become a buzzing hot topic on TikTok. Don was a grandfather of six children, all of them born to his daughter Sarah Spirit. The family of seven used to live with Don who was slowly growing wary of his daughter's sources of income. The story, unfortunately, ended with Don killing himself after murdering his entire family. But why did Don kill six innocent lives? Turns out, his anger wasn't directed at his own daughter either.

According to a police report, Don's 2014 murder-suicide, which has been dubbed one of Florida's most shocking crimes in recent history, happened out of rage towards a woman called Collene Stewart. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement released full details of the murder-suicide some six months after the 51-year-old grandpa of seven murdered his daughter Sarah, 28 at the time, before proceeding to kill her children. The grandchildren Don murdered were aged between 9 and as young as two months old. They have been identified as Kylie Kuhlmann, 9; Kaleb Kuhlmann, 11; Johnathon Kuhlmann, 8; Destiny Stewart, 5; Brandon Stewart, 4; and Alanna Stewart, 2 months.  


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Why did Don Spirit kill his entire family?

The FDLE report details that Don was livid with three of his grandkids' great aunt Collene, who had visited the family's trailer home just the day before the gruesome murders took place. Collene had allegedly overheard Don telling his daughter that her children were "not worth a s**t" and that he hated them. The police report states Don later apologized for the insults and claimed he was "stressed out" that Sarah was unemployed and charging money for sexual acts with a man.

Don also believed Collene turned Sarah into a "prostitute" and insisted that her children “were not going to going to live this kind of life”. Don's unnamed ex-wife revealed his bioplar diagnosis, adding that he might have been under the influence of drugs. FDLE mentioned in their report that Don had also been off his medication for weeks at the time of the crime, and that he was smoking “spice”.


In 2014 Don Spirit murdered his daughter and her family, then made this call right before taking his own life. ##creepy ##donspirit ##scary ##911

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Don Spirit's chilling 911 call stuns TikTok

Six years after the incident, the chilling 911 call Don had made after killing his family is making rounds on TikTok under the hashtag #DonSpirit. The audio that earned 98.3K views on TikTok revealed the cold-blooded announcement Don made before saying that he was going to kill himself when cops arrive at the scene. 

WTLV reported the 911 call was made on the day of the murders, September 18, 2014, around 4 pm. In the audio clip, Don can be heard saying, "I just shot my daughter and shot all my grandkids. I’ll be sitting on my steps. When you get here, I’m going to shoot myself.” The 911 dispatcher tries to ask Don what kind of gun he has and how long ago the incident happened, but Don then get agitated and insists "it doesn't matter because all of them are dead". He tells the dispatcher one of them is a baby and asks them to send "all of them f*****s" to his place before the call is cut.

When first officers from the Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the scene, they found Don pacing outside his trailer. “I’m not mad at you. I’m mad at the Stewarts,” Don told the deputies, the report reveals. “Collene Stewart has turned Sarah into a whore and drugs, and I’m fed up with this whole family. The Stewart family, they’ve ruined my family. They’ve ruined my life and I’m just tired of ‘em all... and I’ve taken care of it today.” Don then emerged from the back of the trailer with a semi-automatic weapon and shot himself.