Why were rape charges against Crosley McEachen dropped? Investigators withhold new evidence

Crosley MacEachen was charged with rape and sexual assault in July after a teenage girl alleged she woke up and found him raping her

                            Why were rape charges against Crosley McEachen dropped? Investigators withhold new evidence
Crosley MacEachen's rape charges have been dropped after investigators found new information (Hamilton County Sheriff's Office)

Ohio college football star Crosley MacEachen's crime slate has been wiped clean a month after being charged with rape, gross sexual imposition and sexual battery. The development comes after Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said, "information came to light after MacEachen was indicted that has changed our understanding of this case." MacEachen was Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy's standout football player last season. 

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Crosley MacEachen has been cleared of charges for raping a teenage girl (Facebook/Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy)

Who is Crosley MacEachen?

Crosley MacEachen plays as a cornerback for the football team at Cincinnatti Hill Christian Academy in Ohio. The elite school requires people to pay over $16,100 to attend. MacEachean in his last season averaged 17 yards, as per the school. In Fall 2021, MacEachen was signed to play for the University of St. Francis in Fort Wayne. 

"Crosley is one of the most dynamic football players that I’ve had the pleasure to coach. Every time he touched the ball, everyone’s eyes got a little bigger. He is also one of the smartest football minds that I have coached. He understands the game as well as most coaches do. Crosley will have a remarkable career for NAIA powerhouse St Francis," his former coach KC Woods had once said in praise. 

Why were the charges against Crosley MacEachen dropped?

MacEachen who also played basketball for his high school team was arrested in June this year after the charges against him came to light. He stepped out of jail on a $100,000 bond and was about to go back to court for the preliminary hearing on July 21. According to prosecutors, MacEahen allegedly approached an unconscious girl in a bedroom in 2020, stripped her naked, and proceeded to have sex with her. The survivor allegedly woke up shortly after and found MacEahen on top of her forcibly having sexual intercourse with her. 

After the arrest, MacEachen's high school reportedly dusted off their hands of any responsibility in the incident. "CHCA has learned of an investigation which has resulted in charges filed against a former student. The alleged incident did not occur on school property nor during a school-sponsored event. CHCA is saddened for the individuals and families affected by this alleged incident, and our prayers remain with them," read the school's statement. 

The prosecutors, in this case, have now dropped all charges against MacEachen, and Deters also said, "We have an ethical obligation to only proceed on cases where we believe there is a likelihood of success at trial. Based on the information we have today, we will not be proceeding further.” The prosecutors are withholding the new evidence they've found in this case which has led to the charges being dropped. Deter said, "Our job as prosecutors is to seek justice. It is not to seek convictions." MacEachen's attorney Scott Croswell hopes the public would "accept the dismissal of the charges as readily as they accepted the initial allegations."

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