Who will win Bachelor Bowl 2023? Stakes get higher as 'The Bachelor' ladies play football to win love

Who will win Bachelor Bowl 2023? Stakes get higher as 'The Bachelor' ladies play football to win love
Jesse Palmer and ESPN anchor Hannah Storm to host Bachelor Bowl 2023 on 'The Bachelor' Season 27 (Instagram/@bachelorabc)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: 'The Bachelor' Season 27 is about to bring up some sporting competition to the screen. Until now, we have seen the ladies use their strategies and mind games to win over Zach. But, in the upcoming episode, we will see the ladies show their physical strength to win his heart.


The competition is about to get tougher with each passing day in 'The Bachelor' Season 27. The main fight for the women is to make themselves stand out from the crowd. Some are playing with their mind, some are following the voice of their heart, while some are just going with the flow. But, in the upcoming episode of ABC's dating drama each one of the ladies will be seen putting themselves out to play the game.


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Bachelor Bowl to spark physical competition in 'The Bachelor' Season 27

In the upcoming episode, we will see the ladies playing football to win over Zach's heart. Bachelor Bowl 5 will be hosted by Jesse Palmer and ESPN host Hannah Storm. Moreover, the game will be joined by Shawne "lights Out" Merriman and Antonio Gates. Together they will update us about each move of the most highly anticipated event of Bachelor Nation's year. Shawne claims in the recently dropped sneak peek video, "We are about to watch these ladies get busy here on the football field to win over Zach." Furthermore, Hannah claims, "it is gonna get real out there, the competition's gonna be fierce, all it for love, all of it for Zach."

Who will win Bachelor Bowl 2023?

The most exciting, competitive, and fun-filled game of Bachelor Nation is about to get started. We will see ladies fighting physically rather than just mentally to get Zach's attention. However, ever since ABC dropped the video about the upcoming Bachelor Bowl 2023, fans have been speculating about who will win the game. It is obvious that the one who wins will get a special date with Zach. Will Katie Thurston and Christina Mandrell win the game? The upcoming episode is about giving two women the chance to go on a date with Zach. The sneak peeks released showed that Katie will be one of the women who will go to a museum on a date with Zach. Moreover, we also saw a photo of Christina spending some quality time with Zach, thereby hinting that she might have also got the opportunity to go on a date with Zach. This indeed hints that these two ladies could be the ones who could have won Bachelor Bowl 2023. However, nothing has been cleared as of now. Let us wait for the release of the further episodes to reveal.



The official synopsis of 'The Bachelor' Season 27 Episode 3 reads, "Zach enters a crucial week of getting to know his women, full of surprises and exciting guest appearances. First up, an intimate one-on-one date at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles with an ending like we’ve never seen before. Then, an after party is on the line when the Bachelor Bowl returns with guest appearances from Shawne Merriman and Antonio Gates, along with ESPN’s Hannah Storm. Later, Zach takes the expression “fall in love” to the extreme on his final one-on-one date of the week, which features a private concert from singer-songwriter Griffen Palmer; and a pool party at the mansion heightens tensions between some of the women in the house. As the stakes get higher, not everyone will make it to the rose ceremony on 'The Bachelor.'"


'The Bachelor' Season 27's new episodes drop every Monday at 8 pm EST on ABC.

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 Who will win Bachelor Bowl 2023? Stakes get higher as 'The Bachelor' ladies play football for love