Who will exit 'Celebrity Big Brother' next? Carson Kressley's luck could run out

Who will exit 'Celebrity Big Brother' next? Carson Kressley's luck could run out
Carson Kressley on 'Celebrity Big Brother' (CBS)

The danger of elimination just became very real to the contestants of 'Celebrity Big Brother' as they saw Teddi Mellencamp be the first to be kicked out of the house making the competition even fiercer.

Currently, the athletes' alliance led by UFC STAR Miesha Tate consisting of Chris Kirkpatrick, Todrick Hall, Lamar Odom and more, hold the most power as Tate is HOH. But the game saw a shift with a new HOH to be appointed via a game, with the highest scorer winning the title. This also opened the doors to a new week of elimination and the nominations are in!


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After winning the title of Head of Household for the second week, Chris has the tough task of choosing who to nominate for the eliminations. Having a talk with ex-HOH and alliance member Miesha he said he wanted to put Mirai Nagasu up as he considered her a threat. Miesha privately didn't like this decision as she worked hard to keep Mirai safe and wanted her co-operation further into the game, but Chris was set on her and Miesha's constant goading about putting up Carson Kressley and Cynthia Bailey wasn't appreciated as he felt bossed around. 

She wanted him to put up Carson and Cynthia out now that Teddi was gone and eliminate that alliance slowly. Coming to those we know are safe, Chris is pretty close with Shanna Moakler who he wants to be with, in the top two as well as Miesha who he is allied with, putting them out of danger. The episode also saw him suggest to Lamar that he be the pawn. Ultimately, it was revealed in the nomination ceremony that alongside Mirai, Chris Kattan was nominated to be evicted. 

Even though the nominations are in, the power of veto is left to be won and if it falls into the hands of either Mirai or Kattan, it automatically means one of them will be safe and a replacement nomination will be given. Assuming this happens, the spot may go to any of the remaining contestants. Chris gave the reason as 'not-connecting' with the two as to why he chose them, which means Todd Bridges could also be an option. But Chris is playing a smart game and will most likely choose a popular one. Although he said Carson is not a threat to him, we never know if he'll change his mind and take Miesha's advice. With a game so full of curveballs anyone could be next, so watch tune in tomorrow to find out who will be in danger!

 'Celebrity Big Brother' Season 3 airs on multiple nights each week throughout February, with the finale on Wednesday, February 23.

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