Who was Andrew Robinson? Massachusetts man, 56, wife and teenage son found dead in alleged murder-suicide

Who was Andrew Robinson? Massachusetts man, 56, wife and teenage son found dead in alleged murder-suicide
Andrew Robinson, 56, shot and killed himself and his wife Linda Robinson, 55, and 12-year-old son Sebastian Robinson (inset) (WCVB/YouTube screenshot, St.John's Prep)

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ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS: A 12-year-old boy and his parents were found shot dead on Thursday, February 9, in their home in what appeared to be a horrifying murder-suicide by the father. According to the DA's office, “The incident appears to be a tragic case of domestic violence and murder-suicide.”


The family of three, including Andrew Robinson, his wife, Linda Robinson, and their teenage son, Sebastian Robinson were discovered dead after authorities responded to a 911 call. As per the Essex County District Attorney’s Office, the call came from inside the family's home in Massachusetts at around 3.31 am. Two doors of the home had to be breached by the responding officers. Prosecutors said that after the officers entered the home, they found the bodies of the family riddled with gunshot wounds.


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Who was Andrew Robinson?

Andrew Robinson, 56, lived in his home on Porter Street which has an estimated value of $2 million. The prosecutors said that his death appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound, the New York Post reported.


On Thursday afternoon, February 9, DA Paul Tucker stated in a press conference that the incident was limited to the Andover home and had no threats to the public. Andover Police Chief Patrick Keefe stated, “Obviously, we know the how; we’re trying to figure out the why right now, so we’re going to need some time to figure that out,” according to the news outlet.

School describes Sebastian as a 'very gentle soul'

Sebastian Robinson was a student of the St.John's Prep school in Danvers. Headmaster Edward Hardiman of the school described the teenager as a “very gentle soul” and an “extraordinarily creative” boy. During a press conference, Hardiman stated, “Sebastian was a wonderful young man. He had a kind and gentle presence and was well-loved by his teachers,” and added that he played the cello. In September, he enrolled at the school as a sixth-grader.


The all-boys prep school headmaster went on to say, “As I’ve talked with his teachers this morning, the description they’ve continually offered is he was a very gentle soul who felt very grateful to be a part of the Prep community, had a tremendous friend group and was very connected to our music program, to our campus ministry program, and just someone who was very well-loved as a gentle soul.” Grief counselors were available at the school when classes were canceled for a day following the death of Sebastian.

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 Who was Andrew Robinson? Massachusetts man, 56, wife and son found dead in alleged murder-suicide