Who are Tom Girardi's ex-wives? Inside 'RHOBH' star Erika Jayne's ex-spouse's life

The 33 years age difference between the hot-shot Hollywood attorney Tom Girardi and Erika Jayne raised several eyebrows 

                            Who are Tom Girardi's ex-wives? Inside 'RHOBH' star Erika Jayne's ex-spouse's life
Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi (Getty Images)

When Erika Girardi aka Erika Jayne first joined 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills', fans instantly took notice of her not only due to her extravagant and opulent lifestyle but also her very interesting marriage to then famous attorney Thomas Girardi. The 33 years age difference between the hot-shot Hollywood attorney and the housewife raised several eyebrows, but Erika was indifferent to them all and continued to live her best life. Unfortunately, unlike several other husbands, Tom rarely made an appearance on the Bravo show, and Erika too spoke very little about him, until the ongoing season. In Season 11, Erika has opened up a lot about her marriage with Tom and showered several praises upon her famous husband, before shocking everybody by announcing her divorce filing news out of the blue.

On the previous episode of 'RHOBH', Erika sent out a group text to her fellow housewives saying that her divorce would be nasty and requesting their support. As the couple's divorce continues to turn increasingly nasty with each passing day, this wouldn't be Tom's first stint at getting a divorce. The famous attorney who once served as the President of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers was married twice prior to settling down with Erika. Read on to know more about Tom's two previous marriages.


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Who are Tom Girardi's ex-wives?

For most 'RHOBH' fans, Tom is best known as Erika's much older husband. But Erika isn't Tom's first wife, he was previously married to Karen Weitzul in the 1960s and Kathy Riser in the early 1990s before he met and married Erika in 1999.

The octogenarian was born in 1939, in Denver, Colorado. He studied at Loyola High School (Los Angeles). Graduating in 1957, he went on to get his undergraduate degree from the Loyola Marymount University in 1962. Two years later, he received his Bachelor of Law degree from the Loyola Law School, and in 1965, Master of Law degree from the New York University.

His first marriage was with his Karen Weitzul in 1964 and then with Kathy Riser in 1993. Both the marriages ended in divorce. Then he married Erika in 1999. He has a daughter of the almost same age as Erika. It is unclear how many children he has from his past marriages, as reported by Leftoye. He married Erika in 1999, who was a dancer at a bar he frequently visited. Despite their 32-year-age difference, the couple fell head-over-heels in love with each other and got married. The couple lived together in their 1920s-style mansion in Pasadena, California. 



Since Erika's filing for divorce, a whole new legal drama unfolds when Tom and Erika were sued for allegedly using their divorce to embezzle money from plane crash victims. The legal bomb dropped one month after their divorce announcement. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of several families of the victims of 2018’s Lion Air Flight 610 crash. The plane crash occurred on October 29, 2018, when a Boeing 737 MAX crashed into the Java Sea, killing all 198 people on board.

'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Season 11 airs every Wednesday at 8/7c only on Bravo. 

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