'RHOBH': Housewives slammed for shaming Garcelle for not attending Broadway even when Erika's husband missed it

'RHOBH': Housewives slammed for shaming Garcelle for not attending Broadway even when Erika's husband missed it
Erika Jayne and Garcelle Beauvais (Bravo)

Erika Jayne starring as Roxie Hart in the hit Broadway show 'Chicago' was one of the highlights of Season 10 of 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'. All the housewives were thrilled about their co-star's big accomplishment. So, they all went out of their way to show their love and support for Erika by flying all the way to New York to watch her perform.

Sutton Stracke, in fact, chartered a private plane for them, so that they could fly luxuriously to New York, and enjoy Erika's show. All the housewives, aside from Garcelle Beauvais and Denise Richards, attended Erika's show in New York. Lisa Rinna brought that up with the hopes of shaming Garcelle. Rinna and Garcelle had a small tiff over Garcelle pointing out how Rinna was trying to steal Erika's big moment by constantly reminding everyone that she played Roxie Hart's role way before Erika, and turned the attention on herself.

So, Rinna delightedly pointed out how she flew all the way to New York to show that she genuinely supported Erika, while Garcelle was absent. Garcelle then explained the reason for her absence by saying that she was scared of flying in a small aircraft, because of some bad experiences from her modeling days. When the housewives pointed out that the aircraft that Sutton had chartered was anything but small, Garcelle then said that she had to stay home with her kids because her ex-husband wasn't ready to change his schedule.

The housewives tried putting Garcelle in a spot by implying that she doesn't support Erika. Erika, too, took the bait and made passive remarks about Garcelle's excuses. When fans saw how the ladies were trying to gang up against Garcelle for missing one of Erika's shows, they were left feeling amused. Many of them pointed out how even Erika's husband, Tom Girardi, didn't attend the show, but nobody seemed to have a problem with it.

A fan tweeted, "Erika’s own husband didn’t see her show and you’re calling Garcelle out?? Gtfo #RHOBH," while another wrote, "And folks have pointed out, very rightly, that Erika’s own husband didn’t make it to the show, so it’s extra dumb to give Garcelle grief about it #RHOBH #RHOBHReunion." Another fan wondered, "So garcelle is bad friend but erika’s HUSBAND couldn’t even be there??? i’m sorry why wasn’t he there OPENING NIGHT???? why didn’t he fly there with her??? #RHOBH."







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