Who is Alex Murdaugh's shooter? Legal scion's murder attempt involves $10M insurance

Who is Alex Murdaugh's shooter? Legal scion's murder attempt involves $10M insurance
Alex Murdaugh's co-conspirator in his botched suicide scheme, Curtis Edward Smith, was arrested by SLED (Facebook)

An investigation in the shooting incident of South Carolina-based legal scion Alex Murdaugh's shooting incident earlier this month reveals it was a self-orchestrated incident. Murdaugh wanted to help his surviving son to collect payments on a $10 million life insurance policy

Murdaugh, 53, survived the September 4 shooting, which happened months after the unsolved slayings of his wife and adult son. Murdaugh was traveling to Charleston through a longer route when his car broke down on September 4. He was shot by an unidentified suspect in a truck that passed him on the road when he was out trying to change a tire. Murdaugh was shot in the head but escaped with superficial wounds and was released soon from the hospital. Investigators are now saying this was a well-thought event with Murdaugh being at the helm of it. 


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Did Alex Murdaugh slash his tires? Recovered knife traced back to the lawyer himself

Did Alex Murdaugh orchestrate his own murder?

Five days after Murdaugh's family patriarch was shot, it was reported there was a possibility he might have slashed his own tires and everything that followed once he stepped out of the car was pre-planned by him. The knife used to puncture the tire was recovered and it linked back to him. It was also reported that the attorney's car, a Mercedes, is equipped with run-flat tires and doesn't include spares. Reports speculated this would mean "there would have been no reason for Murdaugh to pull over to the side of the road to try and change a flat tire."

Murdaugh's lawyer Jim Griffin denied the reports saying his client was shot by someone who first enquired if there was a problem and help was needed. Griffin said Murdaugh heard a gunshot next and realized he has been shot. He had to be airlifted to a hospital after passing out before he could dial 911. Later on, he admitted to hiring a hitman with who he conspired to kill himself so his son could collect the insurance money. Nearly one and a half weeks after the incident, the alleged shooter Curtis Edward Smith has been arrested and charged. 

Who is Alex Murdaugh's co-conspirator Curtis Edward Smith?

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) confirmed on September 14 that Murdaugh's alleged co-conspirator was arrested. Murdaugh allegedly has given him instructions to shoot him in the head and even provided the handgun. Court records show Smith is Murdaugh's former client. He was taken into custody by SLED on charges of assisted suicide, assault and battery, pointing and presenting a firearm, insurance fraud, and conspiracy to commit insurance fraud. According to SLED, additional charges are expected.

As for Murdaugh, the embattled attorney's law license was suspended by South Carolina's Supreme Court amidst allegations that he misappropriated his law firm's funds. He resigned and announced he was entering rehab for a short while. SLED is still investigating the homicide of his wife and son for which he remains a suspect. 

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