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Who are Piers Morgan's children? A look at Elise, Spencer William, Albert Douglas and Stanley Christopher's lives

A sports journalist, an actor and a swanky all-As university student, meet the very different children of the TV show host
Piers Morgan's sons Spencer William, Stanley Christopher and Albert Douglas (Twitter/@spencermorgan93, ITV, Instagram/@bertie_morgan)
Piers Morgan's sons Spencer William, Stanley Christopher and Albert Douglas (Twitter/@spencermorgan93, ITV, Instagram/@bertie_morgan)

In a Daily Mail report on Saturday, TV show host Piers Morgan said internet trolls threatened to murder him in front of his children over his anti-Meghan Markle rant following the bombshell CBS Oprah Winfrey interview on March 9. In the report, Morgan admitted that he should not have stormed off the set, but that he stands by the comments that cost him his job. "I've always subscribed to the 'if you dish it out, you've got to take it' philosophy," said Morgan, adding that his three sons, too, are being targeted by "venomous" and "violent" trolls.

"None of them even care about Meghan Markle, let alone agree with my views on her. Yet the Twitter troll mob has found them guilty by association," Morgan said. "One troll vowed to murder me in front of them, and added: 'When your dad dies, the world will have a party'," he said. Here's what's to know about Morgan's children.


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Spencer William

Spencer is the son of Morgan and his first wife Marion Shalloe, a hospital ward sister, who the TV show host married in 1991. The most controversial of Morgan's sons, Spencer enjoys the limelight and hanging out with a host of celebrity friends including 'Made in Chelsea' star Georgia Toffolo, who he was rumoured to have been romantically linked with, as well as singer Niall Horan and TV personality Mark Wright, according to a Liverpool Echo report.

The 27-year-old is a sports journalist who went to a £17,000-a-year private school (around $23,400), loves the life of luxury and made it onto the 'Rich Kids of Instagram' account by posting a picture of him smoking cigars and swigging glassfuls of champagne on his private jet. The report adds that he skis in the winter, he spends his summers in exotic locations such as Antigua and his father's second home in Beverly Hills. In August 2020, Spencer got into hot water for an ignorant comment about those whose wages had been cut during the coronavirus pandemic. "How can anyone complain about a 20% salary reduction right now? Surely you are saving more than that from doing nothing anyway." He was called a "spoilt brat" by netizens for his insensitive comment. Morgan said in a Daily Mail report that police are already investigating a death threat made to him and Spencer last month.


Stanley Christopher

Stanley is the second of Morgan's three sons with Shalloe. The 23-year-old is the co-founder of independent film and theatre company OneFiveFiveProductions. Having studied theatre, Stanley is now an actor who can also sing and play the guitar.

Stanley has admitted in the past that he often clashes with his dad over his political views, but he has fully supported Piers’ stance during the coronavirus outbreak. Taking to Twitter, he said, according to Echo: "I often find myself going to head to head with my Dad over his tweets and views but right now I couldn't be more proud to be his son. He has continued to support and champion the vital NHS staff and the people of this country in a time where the government is failing them."

Stanley Morgan (Twitter/@StanleyMorgan18)

Albert Douglas

Albert, better known as Bertie, is Piers’ youngest son and possibly the smartest of the lot. The 19-year-old Bristol University student got an impressive 3 A*s for his A-levels while attending Wellington College, a renowned private school in Berkshire. "Arsenal and Politics," reads his Twitter bio.

The Tab reported that Albert was considering going to Oxbridge and said it was a “big decision to make”. The report calls him the "fittest and least problematic of the Morgan boys". Albert is an Arsenal-supporter and often tweets about football. He occasionally shares what he’s been watching.



Nine-year-old Elise is the daughter of Morgan and his second wife Celia Walden, a British journalist. She is his only daughter and Walden's first child. In November 2020, Morgan turned to 'Good Morning Britain' cameras to wish his daughter a happy birthday, a day which coincided with his fifth anniversary at GMB. ""I just want to say a very happy ninth birthday to my little girl, Elise. Nine years old today. She had a massive socially distanced party yesterday — for one person," he said on live TV. 

The doting father and his daughter got into the spirit of the Clap for Carers campaign, hailing NHS heroes fighting on the frontline. She even painted a rainbow drawing to raise awareness and thank those working in the NHS, which her father posted on Instagram.