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Who pays for the weddings on 'Love is Blind'? Fans wonder if Netflix makes contestants shell out

'Love is Blind' is no stranger to extravagant weddings, but who pays for the lavish events?
Cast members Iyanna and Jarrett Jones and Natalie Lee with her bridesmaids during the weddings on 'Love is Blind' (@loveisblindnetflix/Instagram)
Cast members Iyanna and Jarrett Jones and Natalie Lee with her bridesmaids during the weddings on 'Love is Blind' (@loveisblindnetflix/Instagram)

Can one find true love without ever seeing the person's face? Sounds pretty impossible, but that's exactly how Netflix's hit dating show 'Love is Blind' functions. Singles hang out in "cells" where they talk to other singles speed dating-style to find their best match. And no faces are revealed throughout the whole thing - women on the show don't get to see what the men look like, and vice versa. The concept has gripped fans to a level that now the show is soon to premier its Season 3.

Of course, like any other dating/blind dating show, this Netflix series also has its fill of dramatic moments. The show has seen everything from the enmity between contestants over a potential love interest to dating drama. The end goal of 'Love is Blind' is simple: find your true love and get married. It may sound jarring to many that the contestants not only date someone they have never laid eyes on but must decide to marry that person within a matter of weeks. But this high-risk, high-reward theme is perhaps why the show's juicy drama entices us all. Viewers indeed love rooting for end-game couples while also hoping for some spicy drama as all the weddings approach. Talking of the weddings on the show, another thing 'Love is Blind' seems to ace is weddings. But it has left many fans wondering: Who pays for these lavish events? Well, read on to know more.


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Who pays for the weddings on 'Love is Blind'?

There has been plenty of debate regarding the matter. The contestants' behavior on the show has led fans to believe that the showrunners make them pay for their own ceremonies. But according to Women's Health Magazine, contestant Amber Pike has debunked the theory after responding to an Instagram comment stating otherwise. In the comment, a fan wrote, "Hmmm, curious that you and LC are friends, but I kinda think it's great! Also, I was shocked that they wanted you to pay for your wedding dress!! I figured the weddings wouldn't been 100% all expenses paid by the show. That was actually quite shocking to me, to hear you tell Barnett how much it all was. Did they make you pay for cake, flowers, etc? Didn't seem right to me!!" Amber then responded to the comment by stating that "the weddings were 100% paid for by the show…"

Amber's comment confused fans as they remembered the episode where she found out her dress alterations were $850 and worried about the expenses. Finally, a production representative cleared up the confusion. The representative responded, "Of course, production supplies some of the basics, but because these are their real weddings, it's up to them as to how to spend their money." This does seem to connect the dots for the fans. And perhaps Amber was just trying to stay under budget, which explains her reaction on the show.


Catch 'Love is Blind' Season 3 on Wednesday, October 19, 2022, on Netflix.