Who owns Tacos El Gordo? Viral video shows massive 'grab ass' in Vegas restaurant

'This is not a fight is grab ass in 2021, everyone acting tough but no one threw a punch,' a Twitter user wrote reacting on the brawl video

                            Who owns Tacos El Gordo? Viral video shows massive 'grab ass' in Vegas restaurant
Screenshots of the viral video that showed a fight at Tacos El Gordo (Twitter/ @VegasIssues)

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA: A clip from a Las Vegas restaurant has gone viral on the internet showing its customers crazily fighting with each other. The incident reportedly happened in a Tacos El Gordo outlet in the gambling hub after the city ended the restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic on June 1. However, the exact date and time of the incident are not known.

The video was shared on Twitter by Las Vegas Issues (username: @VegasIssues) on July 16 with a caption that read, “In other Vegas news, a fight broke out at Tacos El Gordo…” From the footage it is not clear why the fight broke out, who were involved and what happened to them. It just shows two men thrashing each other, and a few women in the background harshly handling other people, while other customers watched. The video also had a voiceover of a man hilariously describing the crazy scene, but his words were not clear because of the background noise. However, the person can be heard laughing at the end of the clip.


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The clip has attracted over 50k views with a number of people reacting over it. One user tweeted, “This is not a fight is grab ass in 2021, everyone acting tough but no one threw a punch 🤦🏽🤦🏽 they made a mess if bomb tacos all over the floor ugh.”

“If you’re fighting when you are adjacent to delicious tacos, then you really need to reevaluate your priorities and life goals. That pastor and asada wasn’t marinated for hours for y’all to act like this,” the second user said. “Those dudes ain't fighting they are hugging for a minute there they looked like they were kissing,” the third user joked.








A person wrote, “Kinda weak… It seems one tried to pull a suplex that failed, followed by his friend coming over and trying the same body slam that was kinda a flop and they ended up holding hands.. Entertaining though.” Another one asked, “This is the 3rd fight I've seen on twitter in the last 2 days. 1st a school, 2nd a bath & body, and now this. Is the  purge happening?” “Honey you are seriously overdressed for a Taco joint, you are late for work, Sapphire is waiting! Hahahahah!” a sarcastic tweet read. “That's why I go to the one off Losee in North LV. Less drama,” a user added.







Who owns Tacos El Gordo?

According to Tacos El Gordo’s website, it’s a family-owned and operated food service company, which has been in the business for more than four decades. The site states that they opened their “first business in 1972. In 1998, Tacos El Gordo opened its first location in San Diego, California, and in 2010 opened its first location in Las Vegas.” It also adds, “Tacos El Gordo has become well known for its quality and excellence which covers all aspects of the service we provide our clients. We consider all of our customers a part of our family and thank them for their support and for sharing in the success and joy.”

It was reported recently that the popular chain of Tijuana-style taquerías suffered from a lack of staff amid the pandemic. San Diego Union Tribune
reported that three of their San Diego County locations sported signs reading, “Tuesdays closed due to lack of staff,” along with others offering positions available for taco makers or taqueros, tortilla makers, helpers and cashiers. “We are in a crisis to such a degree that we have had to close for a day. We are short of manpower,” said Tacos El Gordo's Nora González said.