Who owns Jackson Hole Mountain Resort? Patagonia shuns ski retreat after far-right fundraiser

The resort’s owners co-hosted a fundraiser for the far-right House Freedom Caucus on August 5 with Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows as guests

                            Who owns Jackson Hole Mountain Resort? Patagonia shuns ski retreat after far-right fundraiser
The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is owned by Jay Kemmerer (jacksonhole.com)

CHEYENNE, WYOMING: Outdoor apparel and gear company Patagonia is boycotting Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, reportedly its largest account in the state, to protest the owners’ sponsorship of a Republican fundraiser that featured Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene and other major supporters of former president Donald Trump. The iconic sportswear company, with a strong track record of environmental activism, is receiving a lot of praise on social media. 

"We join with the local community that is using its voice in protest," said Patagonia spokeswoman Corley Kenna in a statement to The Associated Press. "We will continue to use our business to advocate for stronger policies to protect our planet, end hate speech and support voting rights and a strong democracy."


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The resort’s owners co-hosted the fundraiser on August 5 for the far-right House Freedom Caucus. Tickets for the event reportedly started at $2,000 a couple, according to an invitation obtained by WyoFile, which first reported the boycott. The dress code was boots and jeans. Cowboy hats were encouraged and “no ties” allowed. There were reportedly other major supporters of former President Donald Trump present at the event.



The fundraiser benefitted the House Freedom Fund and featured former President Donald Trump’s former chief of staff Mark Meadows and House Freedom caucus members Rep Jim Jordan of Ohio and Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia. The Republican House members both voted against certifying the 2020 election results in January, and Greene was temporarily suspended from Twitter earlier this month after posting misinformation about Covid-19 safety measures.

As per the report in the publication, the company said that it has funded 1,020 environmental groups in the past year. And according to Goods Unite Us, which tracks corporate political donations, all of Patagonia’s donations go to Democrats.

Patagonia is well-known for its activism and in 2017 said it would no longer exhibit at the Outdoor Retailer show if the event stayed in Utah because of Republican opposition to creating Bears Ears National Monument. Following this, the twice-a-year show relocated and is now held in Denver.

Who owns Jackson Hole Mountain Resort? 

The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is owned by Jay Kemmerer. On its website, it says that it is "one of the only independently owned premier ski resorts" - "thanks to the Kemmerer Family". 

As per the official website of the resort, the 74-year-old "Jay Kemmerer re-invested in Wyoming by purchasing Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for his family [in 1992] and later in 1997 by acquiring a historic guest ranch in Dubois, Wyo., called the CM Ranch" dedicating "more than $110 million dedicated to capital improvement to the resort". 

The site also mentions, "From his residence in Jackson Hole, Jay balances his varied duties as chairman of the Kemmerer Resources Corp while maintaining a focused vision for the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. As chairman, he provides oversight and strategic direction for the resort."

His family connections to the State of Wyoming stem from the mining interests of his great-grandfather Mahlon S Kemmerer in the 1890s, for whom the city of Kemmerer, Wyoming was named. As per the reporter who broke the news, "Thanks to a Jackson resident in my DMs: The Kemmerers were high-profile guests at a Trump fundraiser in Jackson a few years ago, and have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Trump campaign."


On social media, people are praising Patagonia for its activism. "[email protected] CEO Rose Marcario is a true heroine. Under her leadership this company is leading the way on what corporate responsibility should look like," one wrote. 


Another user applauded, "Way to go @patagonia. Leadership matters."Along similar lines, another added, "This is how you stand for something @patagonia. Great job."




One user said, "Amazing! @Patagonia continues to show why it is the leader in corporate responsibility. Those looking for an example of how a company can fight for our democracy should pay attention." Another added, "What’s the opposite of a boycott? A buy-a-lot? Buy a lot of Patagonia. After Jackson Hole Mountain Resort's owner held a fundraiser with Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows, Patagonia said it wouldn't continue to supply its products to the resort. @patagonia"



Some were even surprised by the action. "It is so unusual for a company to choose principles over dollars that we quickly look for alternative motivations. But maybe, being a good corporate citizen is just more important than dollars. Maybe, even you can have both," one wrote.