Who is Mary Welch Fox Stasik? 'Breaking Bland' host thanks her friend for landing HGTV show

Mary's goal is to get her clients to take some bold risks by encouraging them to incorporate their personality and style into their living space

                            Who is Mary Welch Fox Stasik? 'Breaking Bland' host thanks her friend for landing HGTV show
'Breaking Bland' hostess Mary Welch Fox Stasik (HGTV)

There are countless HGTV shows with renovation and design as its focus. So, what sets HGTV's new show 'Breaking Bland' apart you ask? Well, then the answer might lie in the hostess/ designer of the show- Mary Welch Fox Stasik. 

In the trailer for 'Breaking Bland' one gets a peek of Mary's unique personality. She describes herself as 'crazy, fun, and a little bit weird in the best way possible.' While most interior designers focus on aesthetics and making space look Pinterest board worthy- Mary's goal is to get her clients to take some bold risks by encouraging them to incorporate their personality and style in their living space! So who is this new HGTV hostess that is definitely shaking things up? Read on to know all about Mary Welch.


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Who is Mary Welch Fox Stasik?

By now you might have gathered that Mary Welch is an interior designer and the hostess of 'Breaking Bland' on HGTV. She was born and raised in Knoxville, TN.  According to her website, her strong desire to experience life led her to Colorado State University, and then to working in Denver and NYC for designers that still greatly inspire her work and philosophy today.

Prior to dipping her feet into the world of interior designing, Mary dabbled in the fashion, music, fitness industries. She eventually discovered her love and passion for travel and interior designing. "Each and every experience paving her way to a greater understanding of the client and their true internal needs and desires. As a designer, she hopes to directly connect with each client on a personal level delivering a space that not only speaks emotionally but also makes them see and experience the functionality of a space. This is your life, your vibe, your home. Let’s make your feelings meet your space," reveals her website.


Her new HGTV show 'Breaking Bland' follows Mary and her adventures of sprucing up the homes of her clients in Charleston, South Carolina. Mary's experience of working with top interior designers in New York helps her to use her eclectic, big-city style to create colorful custom designs that are authentic to each client and pushes them way out of their comfort zone. During each episode, she will crack design boundaries and encourage clients to eschew traditional looks to create truly personalized dream homes.
“My goal is to showcase each client’s personality while also encouraging them to take some bold risks,” said Mary Welch. “I want to help them embrace their fun, weird sides in the best way possible.”

So how did Mary land her own HGTV show? In an interview with Cityview, the designer shared how her friends mentioned her name for a screen test which eventually helped her bag the show. She said, "I grew up with Angie Jedlicka, and she works for RIVR Media, which is based in Knoxville. She and I were best friends in middle school, and we went to different high schools, different colleges, and our lives went separate directions. But she and another friend of mine, Stephanie Ellis, both had mentioned my name to do a screen test to see if I would be a good fit for television. It was dear friends from growing up that teed me up and put me in this incredible position."


Mary is filled with nothing but gratitude and love when it comes to her 'Breaking Bland' experience. In an Instagram post, she shared with her followers about her last day of filming for the show. She wrote, "Last night we wrapped filming for Season 1 Breaking Bland. Holy shnikies. What an incredible rollercoaster. Truly the most awesomely terrifying life adventure I’ve had yet. This crew (missing @frickje ; @kbennert ; @angwed ; Lori Stryer ; @lindseyanne20 ; @sarakd17 ; @rivrmedia ; @bcleary16 ) has been everything. They caught me when I fell, made me laugh when I cried (big girls cry too), made me laugh when I wasn’t crying, loved me for all that is me (I’m fully aware I’m a lot) worked countless hours, and were a dream. I did not want to part ways last night. Not at all. I couldn’t even write this last night bc I wasn’t ready to get into my feelings (major sentimental empath over here 💁🏼‍♀️). Thank you team. Thank you. Ya’ll have been a life blessing, especially during this terrifying time. You have taught me so much about myself while pushing me to reach a potential I wasn’t sure I could reach. I am beyond grateful for our newly formed Breaking Bland family. Hats of home renovation hosts. This job is not for the faint of heart! Now off to keep on working on myself and my craft so hopefully if this train rolls around again I’ll be ready to slay with you wonderful people again. Ya’ll are EVERYTHING and more. My appreciation for all you do is immeasurable."


Mary currently resides in South Carolina with her husband and their two children. 

'Breaking Bland' premieres on Wednesday, August 4, on HGTV. Check your local listings for more information.