'Renovation Island': Bryan and Sarah finally finish revamping the first villa and fans can't stop praising it

Fans applaud Bryan and Sarah for their excellent renovation job of the old, rundown resort into a beautiful, cozy tourist hotspot

                            'Renovation Island': Bryan and Sarah finally finish revamping the first villa and fans can't stop praising it
Sarah and Bryan Baeumler (HGTV)

Bryan and Sarah Baumler made the bold decision of uprooting their family from their home in Canada and moving to a remote island in the Bahamas for what they describe as an "adventure of a lifetime". The couple poured in all the savings and investments into purchasing an old, abandoned resort on the island, and decided to renovate it and run it themselves. Their ambitious plan was filled with roadblocks at every step of the way.

The couple constantly fought, had sleepless nights, worried that they might go bankrupt and even had to push the opening date of the resort. Despite all these challenges they continued with their work and put in their best efforts, hoping that when it is finally time to open the doors to the guests they would love it. The resort, which is spread across a sprawling 10-acre property, boasts of 18 luxurious hotel rooms, 22 ocean-front villas and pools. Instead of tackling the entire renovation work at once, as they had originally planned, Sarah and Bryan decide to tweak their plan and do it phase-wise so that they have revenue coming in, which can be reinvested into the renovation work. 

They decided to focus on the common areas of the resort and the villas as their first priority. The couple and their crew worked tirelessly to redo the villas. They changed the flooring, fixed the pipelines, laid out the new roof and addressed the pest issues, among other things. Once the operation team was done with modifying the structure, they handed it over to Sarah to give the villa finishing touches. Sarah added some beautiful furniture, wallpapers and some tasteful decor items to the villa. Finally, the Baeumlers managed to complete the renovation work of a villa and they seem to be ready to have guests over.

When fans saw the finished villa, they couldn't stop raving about how beautiful it looked. A fan tweeted, "Well dang That Villa looks good #RenovationIsland." Another fan wrote, "The Villa is beautiful Bryan and Sarah! #RenovationIsland @hgtv @Bryan_Baeumler @SarahBaeumler @caerulamar." Another commented about the dreamy white interiors: "@Bryan_Baeumler @SarahBaeumler the rooms done so far in #RenovationIsland are absolutely gorgeous! But I’d be so scared they’d be filthy on the first day @hgtv."

'Renovation Island' follows Bryan and Sarah's adventures as they work on renovating their newly acquired resort from an old, rundown place to a swanky, luxurious resort for the tourists. We can't wait to see the resort after all the renovation work is done. If the finished villa is anything to go by, we are sure that the resort will be absolutely stunning.

'Renovation Island' airs every Sunday at 8 pm only on HGTV.

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