Robert Raynor murder: Home nurse of man found dead with 'I touch little girls' on body arrested

Raynor's nurse Renee Ayarde was arrested twice in a span of past five months, recently for assaulting her daughter, hours after Raynor was found dead

                            Robert Raynor murder: Home nurse of man found dead with 'I touch little girls' on body arrested
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Warning: Graphic content 

STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK: Eighty-year-old Robert Raynor was found dead on July 19 by his neighbor. Upon further investigation, authorities discovered the words 'I touch little girls' written on his body with a marker along with cuts to his forehead. Raynor's neighbor said it looked like he was murdered by someone and it wasn't an ordinary death. This is one of the most bizarre deaths in recent times and his house nurse Renee Ayarde was arrested for assaulting her toddler daughter just hours after Raynor's death. She was arrested by the police on July 21 on charges not related to Raynor's death but police were probing if she had any connection to his bizarre killing. 

In news related to alleged pedophiles, British woman Corrina Smith killed her husband by pouring boiling sugar water on him on July 14, 2020. She claimed to have taken the extreme step after her daughter claimed she and her brother were sexually assaulted by their father Michael Baines when young. In 2020, Roy Whiting, a convicted child murderer and pedophile was attacked with makeshift blades by fellow inmates. A 27-year-old British pedophile Kadian Nelson who had raped a schoolgirl, 13, needed plastic surgery after he was battered by his inmates in jail earlier this year in April. 


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Who killed Robert Raynor?

Renee Ayarde has not been named as a suspect in Robert Raynor's death which was officially announced as a homicide by police on July 21. Ayarde lived with Raynor with her 3-year-old daughter who she allegedly dropped on the concrete. She allegedly dragged her along Hester Street near Eldridge Street on the Lower East Side about 3:45 pm on July 19 and then threw a full bottle of water at her face, according to authorities. A passerby attempted to call 911 as the little girl's screams intensified but Ayarde snatched the cellphone out of their hands and knocked them to the ground. "Are you calling the police? Give me your phone,” Ayarde said according to court papers.

“I was outside and Mommy threw me on the floor,” Ayarde's daughter told investigators, according to court papers. Her bail was set for $5,000 during her arraignment for child assault on July 21. She also has an ongoing case against her after she was arrested on March 1 in Staten Island. Ayarde was driving a car with a missing front passenger window and the wrong license plate, according to police. Ayarde also refused to produce any documentation for the car and is facing charges which also include gun possession, driving without a license, and resisting arrest. 

Raynor too had a multitude of charges against him but he was never arrested for sexual offenses ever. He also doesn't feature on the New York state sex offender registry or a national sex offender registry run by the Department of Justice. He had been arrested for assault in 1987 and again in 1992 and drug possession in 1996. Over the next 20 years, he had constant run-ins with the law and was arrested for minor offenses, details for which remain sealed. He was last arrested in 2014 according to sources. 

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