Jason Campbell: TikTok Doc hit with $45M sexual assault lawsuit forced 'erection' and sent 'you look tasty' DMs

Jason Campbell: TikTok Doc hit with $45M sexual assault lawsuit forced 'erection' and sent 'you look tasty' DMs
Dr Jason Campbell's viral videos featured him and those he works with dancing at hospitals at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic (https://jcofthedc.blog/about/)

A doctor named Jason Campbell became a TikTok sensation last year but is now being accused of sexual assault, while also facing a $45 million lawsuit. Last year, Campbell became viral on the social media video posting channel for posts that show him and those he works with dancing at hospitals. The videos ended up making headlines as well in the month of April, right about when the Covid-19 pandemic hit hard.

While his posts usually see millions of views, it has been reported that on Monday, the doctor's account went into "private" mode.

Dr Jason Campbell (https://jcofthedc.blog/about/)

Reports reveal that according to a lawsuit that was published on February 26, 2021, the 'TikTok Doc' is being accused of sexual assault by a woman who used to work in Oregon, at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

The identity of the woman isn't revealed as of yet, but according to Newsweek, she had asked to stay anonymous after she was on the receiving end of "retaliation and vandalism" after she brought Campbell's "harassing" to light. The woman's car was "vandalized with spray paint at her home" last November, as well. As per Fox News, she is Campbell's former colleague and a social worker.

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Dr Jason Campbell (https://jcofthedc.blog/about/)


Who is Jason Campbell?

In a blog titled, 'Jason, "The TIK TOK Doc' Campbell, MD', Campbell reveals that is a resident in the Department of Anesthesiology in Portland. He says that he uses his TikTok platform to "connect with young people and to lift up underrepresented members of the medical community."

His blog dabbles in many themes including overcoming adversity and Black men in medicine. Besides his blogs, the doctors' writing has been published in Chicago Tribune, The Seattle Times, The Oregonian and on Cleveland.com.


The doctor, a citizen of Florida, was a resident in Portlands' Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) at the time his accuser alleges he behaved inappropriately. The publication reveals that the lawsuit, which is both against Campbell and OHSU states that the doctor had sent, "text messages, pornographic photos, and sexually-charged social media messages" to the woman, also now called a plaintiff.

Page 5 of the lawsuit

It also speaks of one incident back on March 12, 2020, where Campbell came behind the woman and "pushed his body and his erection forcibly onto [her] backside, pushing her into the desk in front of her," - she had not given any consent. There is also a screenshot of texts that saw the woman tell Campbell, "Don't EVER surprise me by getting in my physical space", with the doctor replying, "I should have asked. I'm sorry." 

Page 6 of the lawsuit

Fox News also reported that on January 24, he had sent the plaintiff a picture of his erection, and Instagram DM'd her writing, "You look tasty," as per court documents. The texts also see the plaintiff texting "Hugs are organic" with Campbell replying, "They are. But I’m fit. You're… fit… there’s the orgasm," then adding, "I mean organic (stupid autocorrect)."

According to Oregon Live, Campbell is not an OHSU resident anymore, but does work and live in Florida. The 32-year-old has attorney John T Kaempf representing him, as per attorney Kristin L Olson, who was first assigned to the case. 

Dr Jason Campbell (https://jcofthedc.blog/about/)

Why is OHSU part of the suit?

Newsweek reported that the lawsuit sought after OHSU because it, "deliberately and negligently has shown indifference to sexual misconduct." It also added, "Victims are not protected—they are shamed, dismissed, and subjected to retaliation. Witnesses are not required to participate in investigations."

The lawsuit stands hefty at "$4.5 million in a money judgment against Campbell and OHSU" and punitive damages against Campbell", which can go up to $40.5 million.

Dr Jason Campbell (https://jcofthedc.blog/about/)

OHSU responded, "OHSU does not condone behavior as described in the lawsuit. We are continuously working to evolve our culture, policies and practices to provide an environment where all learners, employees, patients and visitors feel safe and welcome," in a statement to OregonLive.

Shockingly, Oregon Live revealed that the plaintiff had told 13 other OHSY employees - six of whom were in "leadership positions" about her allegations. She was then told by an assistant professor of medicine that he had "received a “strikingly similar” allegation" about Campbell more than a year prior saying, “I would say unwanted physical contact is the common denominator.”

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