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Who is Halie? 'Waffle House Avenger' who caught chair thrown by violent patron BLACKLISTED by chain

'I can’t ever work for a Waffle House again,' says Halie despite being told she was 'always welcome' after leaving that restaurant
Halie grabbed a chair in mid-flight that was thrown at her during Waffle House brawl (Halie/YouTube and @@rbaylor_74s/Twitter)
Halie grabbed a chair in mid-flight that was thrown at her during Waffle House brawl (Halie/YouTube and @@rbaylor_74s/Twitter)

AUSTIN, TEXAS: The 'Waffle House Avenger’ Halie, who shot to fame on the internet after grabbing a chair mid-flight that was thrown at her by an angry customer during a restaurant brawl, revealed that she got blacklisted by the chain and “can’t work at Waffle House ever again.” In a YouTube video, which is over 22 minutes long, she mentioned that the incident that went viral happened more than eight months ago.

According to Halie, who earned a Rock Star shirt, which goes to an individual who achieves the highest cook level as per Fox News, the brawl occurred after a group of customers demanded service despite sitting in a restricted section. Describing the details in the video, she says, "We tell them, ‘Hey, that section’s closed, if you could wait for a table?' They’re like, ‘Nah, we’re good. We’ll sit here.'"


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Halie further narrates that they were being rude and were given a warning that they would be kicked out if it continued. “I was telling them I was gonna kick ’em out ’cause they were being rude. I ain’t gonna cook your food, you’re being rude to me,” she told them. However, things escalated from there. They started insulting followed by a sugar shaker being thrown. "That’s when the girl with the dreads stands up. She comes to our side of the counter. Now, if you come on our side of the counter, there’s tile there. It changes from tile to like this bumpy dark floor. If you put your foot both feet on the other side or even a single foot on the other side of that floor, we can do anything. We can do legally in our means, whatever means necessary, to remove you or ensure our safety. Whether that means taking one of the cast iron pans and hitting you upside the f**king head with it, or beating the f**k out of you when you fall over. You touch my floor, it’s on.” Halie then caught a chair that was thrown at her. 



And that moment grabbed the attention of people including 'Wonder Woman' actress Lynda Carter, who tweeted a video from her days as Wonder Woman and jokingly wrote, “I trained at Waffle House.”


Blacklisted by the company

Despite being told she was “always welcome” after leaving that restaurant, Halie, who spent four years working with the chain, found that she was blacklisted when she tried applying at another location. She said, “I can’t ever work for a Waffle House again. I tried working for another one sometime earlier this year, and I had found out that I was blacklisted.”