Who is Tommy Sotomayor? 'Most hated man on social media' riles everyone up AGAIN

Sotomayor, 46, hosted a Twitter Space on Sunday, November 28, titled 'You are a man dressed up like a woman sir, not a real woman! let's talk'

                            Who is Tommy Sotomayor? 'Most hated man on social media' riles everyone up AGAIN
Tommy Sotomayor raised eyebrows as he hosted a seemingly transphobic Twitter Space on Sunday, November 28 (YouTube)

A controversial Black YouTuber who has been criticized in the past for his videos degrading Black women has sparked outrage once again by hosting a seemingly transphobic forum.

Tommy Sotomayor, 46, who calls himself the 'King of Controversy' and the 'most hated man on social media', raised eyebrows as he hosted a Twitter Space on Sunday, November 28, with the title 'You are a man dressed up like a woman sir, not a real woman! let's talk'. It's worth noting that Sotomayor has come under fire for his allegedly racist and homophobic videos on YouTube, with nearly 14,000 people signing a petition asking for his content to be permanently removed from YouTube


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"Join me in my Space! You are a man dressed as a woman sir," Sotomayor tweeted on Sunday, sharing a link of the conversation, which was still underway at the time of publication.



LGBTQ activists and trans allies quickly inundated social media with criticisms of the controversial personality. "Tommy Sotomayor back? What in the 2014 lmaooooo," one tweeted. "Tommy Sotomayor is wildinggg, he's literally arguing with a Trans woman about her experiences," another added.

"Tommy Sotomayor is a career grifter who does not need a conversation/talking to. He needs to be permanently banned off this platform. My LGBT community, please do not waste your precious energy and resources on this man. He needs to be de-platformed," a comment read.

"Y’all are young, so y’all don’t know but Tommy Sotomayor has been a menace since the early days of YouTube. He’s gotten kicked off of YouTube countless times for being racist against black women and being dangerously homophobic leading hate campaigns," someone else wrote.

"Tommy Sotomayor built his whole platform bashing Black women & LGBTQ people. He has been around since like 2013. There’s no way to engage with him & have anything resolved. He’s a nasty violent man," another chimed in.










Who is Tommy Sotomayor?

Sotomayor, born Thomas Jerome Harris on December 11, 1975, in Atlanta, Georgia, is a radio and internet talk show host, YouTube personality, conservative political commentator, men's rights activist, and film producer. Sotomayor has previously been featured in the media and also been a guest on the television news series On Point with Tomi Lahren on One America News Network, and The Blaze.

In 2016, CNN law enforcement analyst Harry Houck sparked an uproar after promoting a video by Sotomayor that declared African Americans were responsible for most of the violent crime in America. In the clip, Sotomayor claimed Black Americans were a more serious threat than guns. Houck, a former NYPD detective, shared the video on Twitter saying the radio host "knows what he's talking about!"

As mentioned, thousands of people signed a change.org petition asking YouTube to stop giving Sotomayor a platform to "purposely denigrate and demean Black women and girls and Black people in general." The petition claimed that his videos, which included controversial titles such as 'Tommy Sotomayor Explains How Black Women Are Openly Beggars When Dating' and 'Name the Only Race of Women Willing to Stand in Line for Hours to Buy Bundles of Other Humans Hair', had resulted in "incalculable amounts of emotional, psychological, and physical harm against black women and girls." It added, "He is an irresponsible malicious, perpetrator of misogynistic and racist hatred and spreads negative and degrading messages, imagery, views, and stereotypes about black women on a daily, regular and consistent basis." That said, Sotomayor has also hosted white supremacist David Duke on YouTube live streams and even appeared as a guest on the former Ku Klux Klan leader's podcast. 

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