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Who is Steven Rinella? 'MeatEater' host shot his first deer at 13

Steven Rinella enjoys sharing his extraordinary outdoor experiences with a global audience
Steven Rinella in 'MeatEater' (
Steven Rinella in 'MeatEater' (

Netflix series 'MeatEater' has given the host Steven Rinella a lot of fame and has allowed him to share his incredible experiences with a broader audience across the world. Rinella travels throughout the nation hunting various animals and promotes his idea of ensuring that nothing he kills goes to waste in the reality show.

Rinella's hunting feats have taken him to Montana (deer, elk), Alaska (waterfowl, mountain goat, Dall sheep, caribou, black bear), Mexico (wild turkey, buffalo), New Zealand (tahr, chamois, red stag), Arizona (mountain lion, Coues deer), Wisconsin (white-tailed deer, rabbit), and California (white-tailed deer, rabbit) (wild pigs, quail, and turkey.) In hunters' forums, 'MeatEater' has been praised as one of the more realistic hunting shows available, indicating that those most familiar with hunting have no questions about the show's credibility.


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Who is Steven Rinella?

Steven Rinella is an award-winning outdoorsy American explorer, wildlife conservationist, prominent author, and television personality who has captured the hearts of so many by his extraordinary and breath-taking experiences as a hunter and fisherman in the wilderness.

Steven John Rinella was born on February 13, 1974, in Twin Lake, Michigan. After attentively understudying his father as he grew up, it appears that he inherited his father's love for hunting and fishing. He started fishing when he was three years old, caught his first squirrel at the age of eight, and shot his first deer at the age of thirteen. He began reading historical literature on the American wilderness and adventure in pursuit of knowledge.

He attended Reeths Puffer High School and graduated in 1992 before attending Grand Valley State University and graduating in 1996. He went on to Montana-Missoula, where he earned a Master of Fine Arts and creative writing. After graduating from high school, Steven Rinella's writing and television career took off. He began writing articles about his experiences in the wilderness, which appeared in a variety of American media, including the New York Times, Men's Journal, Oprah Magazine and Glamour. In 2011, he became the host of an eight-episode television series called 'The WildWithin', which was broadcast on Travel Channel.

In the icy mountains and woods of Alaska, he has encountered some of the occupational risks that come with his work. He has experienced episodes of bacteria/disease penetration, as well as being attacked by wild creatures and, of course, the fury of animal rights advocates or vegetarians who lament Rinella's hunt.


He is the author of over five books, including 'The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game', 'Meat Eater: Adventures from the Life of an American Hunter' and others. While Rinella has acknowledged that there are better hunters out there than him, he is still a well-known figure in the hunting realm.
He also has a podcast where he discusses hunting, butchering, and cooking wild meat.

Steven Rinella has an estimated net worth of $3.5 million.