'Dancing Queens': Meet Sabrina Strasser's on-again, off-again partner Stanislav Kochergin

'Dancing Queens': Meet Sabrina Strasser's on-again, off-again partner Stanislav Kochergin
Stanislav Kochergin will appear in 'Dancing Queens' helping Sabrina Strasser to win (Instagram/stanislavkochergin_official)

THORNHILL, ONTARIO: Bravo's new docuseries 'Dancing Queens', starting Tuesday, May 9 at 9 PM ET/PT, takes viewers on the dance floor with six fearless and talented women as they prepare to compete in ballroom competitions around the country. As we approach the premiere, let us discover more about World Pro-Am champion Stanislav Kochergin, who has taken on the responsibility to help his amateur partner Sabrina Strasser win the World Pro-Am Championship.

'Dancing Queen' follows Colette Marotto, Donie Burch, Galle Benchetrit, Leonie Biggs, Pooja Mehta, and Sabrina as they devote their time and money to vie for the top positions, respect, and recognition in the world of Pro-Am dance contests. Pro-Am pairs amateur dancers with professional partners. These extremely accomplished amateur dancers spend tens of thousands of dollars on their hair, makeup, and clothing, not to mention the costs of their professional partners' practice, travel, and competition. From stay-at-home parents to company owners and finance executives, these women set aside their lives and negotiate time away from their children to dance. They keep their cool in the ballroom, but behind the scenes, the ladies are eager to undermine their rivals, even if it means snatching pro partners. Read on to know more about Stanislav Kochergin, who is helping Sabrina.


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Who is Stanislav Kochergin?

Stanislav is a Canadian professional dancer and multiple World Pro-Am champion. He is a dancing instructor who assists aspiring dancers in realizing their ambitions of making it big in the profession. Stanislav is a choreographer who also organizes dance events. Besides, he gives Ballroom, Latin, Smooth, Rhythm, and Club lessons to dancers of all ages at Dane With Us, a Canada-based dance studio he manages.



Who is Stanislav Kochergin dating?

Stanislav is also a devoted father to his daughter and a loving partner to Inessa Strelnikova. Inessa is a former professional ballroom dancer who specializes in the International style Latin and American style dance divisions. She has over 26 years of dance teaching experience. Inessa was a Russian Formation dance champion, as well as a professional American Smooth and Professional Latin finalist with Arthur Murray. She is also the creator of Dance With Us Toronto, a Canadian dance studio.

Inessa honed her Ballroom dancing talent via various European and North American contests, as well as 26 years of teaching in Russia and Canada. Inessa began dancing when she was seven years old. She received her International Style Latin and Standard training at Unost, a dance facility in her native Russia. Inessa competed in various amateur competitions and exhibitions around Russia and Europe. She acquired a new interest, the American style of dance, after moving to North America in 1992. Her passion was shown in her professional contests in American Smooth Style, Mambo, and Salsa. She resumed competing professionally in International Style Latin in 1998.


Inessa is a Russian Formation Dance 10 Dance Champion, an Arthur Murray Professional American Smooth finalist, an Arthur Murray Professional Latin finalist, and a Berlin Mambo/Salsa vice champion. Inessa began instructing juvenile, adult, and Pro-Am athletes after retiring from professional dance. She began judging dancing events as well.

Inessa also likes working at Russian Canadian Broadcasting and Radio Megapolis, where she hosts weekly youth TV programs about Tula area special events and celebrations, as well as weekly TV programs on Mix TV about community activities in Toronto, Canada. Looks like Inessa has her dancing partner as her lifetime partner, as Stanislav often addresses her as "my girl" in his Instagram posts.



Are Stanislav and Sabrina still together?

Sabrina, a stay-at-home mother, struggles to balance her dance career with her household obligations. She has reconciled with Stanislav, with whom she has had a rocky on-again, off-again relationship. Now prepared to win the competition, her desire to succeed hogs her time and energy, sometimes at the price of her family.


Sabrina refers to her experienced Canadian professional partner as "Stas." He has years of ballroom experience and has the awards to back up his expertise on the dance floor. Stas is also adept at making Sabrina react in certain ways. Sabrina says, "From the minute we met, Stas promised me I will make you a champion. But it just came to a point where we had to stop dancing before I stabbed him in the eye with the heel of my shoe." The duo has won the Latin championship at the Ohio Star Ball, the USA's top pro-Am competition, for a third consecutive year. 

To watch Stas and his partner, Sabrina, in action, tune into 'Dancing Queens', which premieres Tuesday, May 9 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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