'Doom at Your Service' Episode 4: Dong-kyung decides to love Myul-mang but what awaits them is only tragedy

Sonyeoshin, the god who controls Myul-mang, will now try to stop Myul-mang from making Dong-kyung's wish from coming true as it would really mean the end of them all

                            'Doom at Your Service' Episode 4: Dong-kyung decides to love Myul-mang but what awaits them is only tragedy
Park Bo-young as Dong-kyung and Seo In-guk as Myul-mang in 'Doom at Your Service' (tvN)

'Doom at Your Service' Episode 3 alludes to the fact that the only person Doom could bring a smile onto is Dong-kyung (Park Bo-young) and the only person who can help Myul-mang (Seo In-guk) escape from the hell that he is living in is her. However, she doesn't seem to want the world to collapse as that was just a momentary lapse in judgment.

One that caught Myul-mang's attention, but this is not something that the Sonyeoshin (Jung Ji-so) had planned. To see Myul-mang find a way to get what he needs would mean the end of her too, so instead of giving in to his wishes, she ends up approaching Dong-kyung and rekindles a memory that was buried before of Myul-mang at a funeral house sobbing his heart out. 


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He seemed to be grieving someone's loss. Initially, Myul-mang is just embarrassed that she got to see him in a vulnerable state. So he tries to divert the attention back at her and tells her that he found it really sad in her parent's funeral, he spotted her smiling while everyone else was grieving. She seemed to be the only one who could smile at doom and that must have struck a chord with him.

A still of Myul-mang in 'Doom at Your Service'. (tvN)

However, when he realizes that this was all planned by Sonyeoshin before, he wants it all to stop. He realizes that Sonyeoshin plans to use Dong-kyung to get close to him and get him to empathize with humans and not bring doom upon all of them. So instead of letting himself get close to her, Myul-mang decides to put an end to all of it and decides to not help Dong-kyung live without pain. He doesn't hold her hand, numb her pain, but instead lets her feel the effects of the disease that she has.

He tells her that she would have to make the wish now, but she refuses. He gives in, unable to see her go through the pain. But he uses this instance to prove to her that he is not someone that she should let her guard down around. He also explains that she will not be able to extract any kind of human emotions either. He explains that he will continue to toy with her until what he wants is fulfilled and that is when she decides to not put up with his sh*t and jump from atop of a building. 

A still of Dong-kyung in 'Doom at Your Service'. (tvN)

However, he stops her. He is shocked when she says that she is going to love him despite all the doom that walks with him. He tells her that it is not a joke and tries to make sense of it all, but she tells him that the only way she can live without losing the things that she needs is by loving him... all of him. Will this bring further unhappiness to Dong-kyung?

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