'You're embarrassing yourself': Indiana councilman Ryan Webb slammed for identifying himself as 'lesbian woman of color'

'You're embarrassing yourself': Indiana councilman Ryan Webb slammed for identifying himself as 'lesbian woman of color'
Ryan Webb is a member of the Republican Party and was elected to the Delaware County Council in 2020 (Ryan Webb For County Council/Facebook)

DELAWARE COUNTY, INDIANA: Delaware County councilman Ryan Webb recently landed in hot waters after jokingly saying that he now identifies as a “lesbian woman of color” in a Facebook post made on April 12. Webb, who is WHITE, said he considers himself an Indian American woman and part of the LGBTQ+ community as he is attracted to women.

“After much consideration I have decided to come out and finally feel comfortable announcing my true authentic self,” he wrote. “It is with great relief that I announce to everyone that I identify as a woman and not just any woman but as a woman of color as well. I guess this would make me gay/lesbian as well, since I am attracted to women,” Webb added. The announcement sparked outrage online and left the LGBTQ+ community and marginalized groups disappointed.


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Who is Ryan Webb?

Webb is the councilman of Delaware County, Indiana. He is a member of the Republican Party and was elected to the Delaware County Council in 2020. According to his Facebook profile, Webb is married to Brandy and the couple share six children together. He reportedly went to Muncie Southside High School and studied at Ball State University. Webb is reportedly a lifelong resident of Delaware County and previously served as the quality control inspector at Progress Rail, as per an official staff directory. Webb recently made news after he came under fire for calling himself a “lesbian woman of color” in a Facebook post.


In the announcement, which has seemingly been considered by many people as a mockery, Webb said he “felt good” to finally start living as his “true self” and shared that he is excited about bringing “some diversity to the county council.” “Whew, that felt good to finally get that out there and start living life as my true self. I’m excited to bring some diversity to the county council. Until today we didn’t have any females of color or LGBTQIAPC+++ on the council. I’m glad that now we do!” Webb wrote.



The councilman clarified that his preferred pronouns are he/him and said people can continue to address him as Ryan or as Councilman Webb. “To avoid confusion, everyone can continue to address me as Ryan or as Councilman Webb. I will also retain my my preferred pronouns of He/Him, however, this will in no way diminish my true identity as a woman of color,” he stated. “I’m excited to be a vocal partner of the LGBTQIAPC+++ movement. Who knows just how far we can take things, but I’m just glad that this is now possible so ANYONE can be ANYTHING or ANYONE they want,” Webb added.

Webb concluded his post by writing, “God Bless America” alongside emojis of the American flag, the LGBTQ+ flag, a winking face, a shrugging woman, and a flexed arm muscle. In a further update of his post, Webb said he was the first lesbian woman of color to ever serve on the Delaware county council. “It has come to my attention that I am more than likely the very first lesbian woman of color in the history of Delaware County to ever serve on the Delaware county council. I am honored to be the one to shatter that glass ceiling. #GirlPower." he concluded.



'This seems agenda driven'

Webb’s Facebook post sparked severe backlash online and several social media users called out the councilman in his comments. “Seriously? This is simply you showing your awful character. You are punching down, picking on and mocking an already underserved minority population. Are you that insecure you need to pick on ppl to get attention? Simply pathetic,” one angry user commented. “Sometimes I wonder how dense the human population can be, then people like this wacko puts it on full display,” added another. “Gonna be awesome when your kids grow up to absolutely loathe you,” a third wrote.


One said, “I guess my question is if your only desire is to live an authentic lifestyle, why the big announcement? Why not just live and explain your life choice as necessarily dictates. This seems agenda driven. I’m a Republican. This feels like “if you guys can be publicity seeking nuts, so can I!” The pronouns, name and attraction to women? Are you sure you aren’t just identifying as WOKE? Think about it, Mr Webb, and walk back into the light," while another mentioned, “You will NEVER be a black woman no matter what you may think. To have the AUDACITY to consider yourself to be a black woman because why? What in the world classifies you as a black woman? You're just embarrassing yourself dude GTFOH.”

However, one user stated, “The level of ignorance here is truly astounding. All who are writing comments full of vitriol seem to be blissfully unaware that they are doing a fine job of proving the councilman's point” to which Webb replied, “Yes they are…..and all without me doing a thing to entice them. #IntollerantLeft”


‘My American Indian heritage is not up for debate’

In the wake of the backlash, Webb doubled down on his claims and responded to people who slammed him online. “I have recently decided to live my life however I choose to identify which happens to be as a woman of color,” he told WISH-TV. “My American Indian heritage is not up for debate, although many would like it to be,” he stated.

“It’s possible I may change my mind down the road. The process of identity exploration is complex and often times at the end of our personal journey we end right back where we started,” Webb explained. “I hope that in the future those asking for tolerance and understanding are willing to give it in return and not just to those who they feel is worthy of it,” he continued. “Nobody has the authority to validate or invalidate any individual who chooses to identify a certain way,” the councilman concluded.


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 Who is Ryan Webb? Indiana councilman slammed for identifying himself as 'lesbian woman of color'