Who is Rege Jean Page's girlfriend? 'Bridgerton' star is top pick for 'James Bond'

'There is some talk about rebooting the Bond franchise after Daniel Craig with someone younger, and he could fit the bill,' a source said

                            Who is Rege Jean Page's girlfriend? 'Bridgerton' star is top pick for 'James Bond'
Regé-Jean Page is top pick for 'James Bond' (Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images for NAACP Image Awards)

'Bridgerton' actor Regé-Jean Page who won many hearts with his stellar performance on the British show, is now the favorite to take over from Daniel Craig as James Bond, say, '007' insiders. Now, newsreaders want to know more about Page and who is this handsome actor dating.

Page is actively being talked about amongst the producers of the Bond franchise after Craig, 53, bows out as Bond in his last film, 'No Time To Die'. The release of the movie has been delayed three times by the pandemic. According to a source from the '007' team, Page is being actively talked about amongst Bond producers, but so is 'Man of Steel' actor Cavill, 38, who reportedly auditioned for 'Casino Royale', and McKay, 29. A source said, “They are talking about Regé, but Bond producers are not making any decisions until after ‘No Time to Die’ is released. They are focusing on Craig’s big finale. “But Henry Cavill also is still in the running, he’s a lot more famous now than when his name first came up.” The source also added, “One other name is George MacKay. One of the producers of ‘1917’ has come over to Bond and is suggesting George. There is some talk about rebooting the Bond franchise after Daniel Craig with someone younger, and he could fit the bill.”


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Alex Apati of British bookmaker Ladbrokes has said that, “It’s looking increasingly likely Bond chiefs have made their minds up in the hunt for Daniel Craig’s replacement, with Regé-Jean Page now the clear favorite in the betting.” It is also reported that Page's odds to get the role in above that of 'Mad Max' star Tom Hardy in the odds. Other names hinted by the bookmaker are Cavill, 'Little Women' star James Norton, Luke Evans and Idris Elba.

Who is Regé-Jean Page's girlfriend?

'Bridgerton' heartthrob Page is reportedly taken and is dating copywriter and part-time soccer player Emily Brown. The news comes after The Daily Mail spotted the pair hugging in February 2021 on the sidewalk in North London. The Mail reported that the two have been together for years and have bought a house together in February 2020.

In the photo, Page donned a teal scarf and black coat while Brown wore a dark-green knit hat and navy blue coat. The two were photographed embracing before Page was seen getting into a chauffeur-driven car, reportedly to go to New York City, where he hosted SNL on February 20, 2021.



JustJared has previously reported that Brown, 30, does commissioned copy-writing work for companies including Nike, Converse, and Uber. She plays part-time for FBB, a charity organization that uses soccer to educate and enrich the lives of young people. Brown was interviewed by student newspaper The Tab while studying at Manchester University between 2009 and 2012. When asked if she misbehaved, the outlet reports she replied: "I managed to sneak a giant vase, about 75 centimeters [30 inches] tall, from a club without anyone noticing, even though there were flowers poking out of it. I also decided I wanted curtains for my room so I stole a blind. And a guy from the band Faithless gave me a load of weed once when I was in Ibiza…" 

Page grew up in Zimbabwe and identified as a "musical, loud, bouncing-around-the-house" kid. He had childhood dreams of being an explorer. "That was my first idea of what would be a really great thing to do in the world: to discover unknown things and pick around in them and see what you could bring back home to go, 'Look! The world is bigger than you thought it was,'" he said in an interview with Netflix's Queue & A. "Then I discovered that would involve facing entirely too many very large spiders." Page has also appeared in 'Sylvie's Love' (2020) and has a musical duo called TUNYA with his brother, Tose. 

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