Who is Rafe Spall's wife Elize du Toit? How blind date turned into a 11-year marriage

Rafe Spall has been married to Elize du Toit since 2010 and they have three children aged nine, seven and four

                            Who is Rafe Spall's wife Elize du Toit? How blind date turned into a 11-year marriage
Rafe Spall and wife Elize du Toit have been together for 11 years (Wikimedia Commons)

We couldn't exactly fault Anne Hathaway's character in the touching romance 'One Day' for choosing Jim Sturgess' character Dexter over Rafe Spall's character Ian. After all when it comes to romantic comedies, more often than not, when there is a toss-up between two characters like this, the brooding bad boy who has commitment issues is often the one who will end up winning the girl and winning the day. 

But we are happy to note that even if he didn't turn out to be the victor in 'One Day', British actor Rafe Spall in spite of, or perhaps of his goofy good looks is having his day. Spall has gone onto be the leading man of his very own romantic comedy, 'Long Story Short'. In the film, he plays the chronic procrastinator Teddy who on the morning after his wedding realizes that every few minutes another year of his life zooms by. If you enjoy romantic comedies, you may enjoy some recent ones such as 'Good On Paper'​. 


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Who is Elize du Toit?

While Spall seems to have found success establishing himself as a romantic lead on-screen, in real life he reserves the romance for his stunning South African-born English wife, Elize du Toit. Du Toit is also an actor and is known for her role as Izzy Davies in the Channel 4 soap opera 'Hollyoaks'. Their romance could also be straight out of a rom-com since they met on a blind date. There doesn't seem to be anything cutting this long story short, for the actor who has been married to Elize since 2010 and they have three children aged nine, seven and four.

He said one long story that he would like to cut short is the challenge of parenting during a pandemic. In an interview with The Mirror in 2020, the actor joked about his kids, saying, "They can be absolute b******s and make it really difficult for you - it's difficult, really difficult. You’ve just got to keep patient - and bite your tongue."

Adding to the rom-com feel, Spall says from the start he knew Elize was the one. "We kissed within an hour of meeting each other. It was midnight and we were drunk and I wanted to tell her that night that I was going to marry her, but I didn't because I thought it might scupper my chances." He may not believe in love at first sight perhaps because romantic first meeting or not he has quite a practical take on love. "You meet someone you really like, then you chat to them, and the next step is you kiss them, then you f**k them, then you go out with them, after that you move in with them, after that marry them, then you have kids with them." Well that’s one way to put it. But it seems to have worked for him and his wife of about 11 years.

To find out how Rafe Spall's character Teddy manages marriage and parenthood all at warp speed, you can catch 'Long Story Short' which is available in select theaters from July 2 and also can be watched on Digital and on Demand. Catch the trailer below: