Is Anne Hathaway a huge fan of Denali Foxx? 'RuPaul's Drag Race' fans say duo need 'to star in a buddy movie'

Fans couldn't stop cheering for Denali Foxx, with one saying, 'Imagine showing off your talent for Anne Hathaway. @denalifox has already won #DragRace'

                            Is Anne Hathaway a huge fan of Denali Foxx? 'RuPaul's Drag Race' fans say duo need 'to star in a buddy movie'
Denali Foxx didn't get the role she wanted on 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 13 but she found a famous fan in Anne Hathaway (Getty Images, @denalifoxx/Instagram)

It is no secret that a lot of celebrities love 'RuPaul's Drag Race' (as they should). From Lady Gaga to Nicki Minaj, we've seen a range of celebrities star as guest judges, all while gushing about just how much they love the show and the queens. While this season has had its usual roster of judges, we haven't seen anyone completely out of the ordinary just yet. Until this episode that is. 

While she wasn't a judge, Anne Hathaway made an appearance in the latest episode of ' Drag Race', ready to give the queens some all-important advice. This seemed fitting since this the maxi challenge was a Rusical and as Hathaway put it, she does have a bit of experience when it comes to those. Hathaway spoke to the queens via a video, while gushing over just how a big a fan of the show she is while the queens were ecstatic to speak to the Queen of Genovia herself. 


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Seeing that each queen did face a certain amount of pressure when it came to their roles for the Rusical, they had a ton of questions for Hathaway, who offered some valuable advice. Gottmik, who was aware that her acting partner Denali Foxx was not up to the challenge considering she didn't get the part she wanted asked Hathaway a slightly shady question about how one should deal with a situation like that. Hathaway revealed that any chance of stage should be taken as an opportunity to steal the show. 


She even revealed that she wasn't the first choice for 'Devil Wears Prada', but the 9th - and that sometimes, it's all about making the most opportunities that come your way. Denali, who was now all fired up even did an axel for Hathaway, who was instantly a Denali stan. Twitter loved her reaction and had a few ideas about what could be the next power duo, in our opinion. "Imagine showing off your talent for Anne Hathaway. @denalifox has already won #DragRace" tweeted a user. "@denalifox going from throwing ice through her eyes to plugging her figure skating in front of Anne Hathaway haha mf icon" agreed another. "A buddy movie starring Anne Hathaway and Denali please" said a fun, suggesting an idea that has the potential to be our favourite movie ever.







Even Denali herself seemed to be in shock and awe of her situation, tweeting "I just did an axel for Anne Hathaway Werk @RuPaulsDragRace". One fan pointed out an interesting comparison, and we kind of see it, to be honest. "Does anybody else see Anne Hathaway when they look at Denali from the side? #DragRace" 






Anne Hathaway clearly stans Denali Foxx and honestly who wouldn't. 

The queen can not only dance the house down, but she is force to be reckoned with on ice. Captioned - 'Let me show you why they call me the ice queen!' Denali proves that she isn't here to play. Don't take our word for it, this routine of hers has over 1 million views and it is nothing short of amazing! (Also, the 'Yuri!!! On Ice' reference has us falling in love with her even more). We stan!

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