Who is Questlove's girlfriend Grace Harry? Drummer found love and 'godsend hero' in Usher's ex-wife

My girlfriend Gracie is a godsend hero. She introduced me to the world of Dr Joe Dispenza (new hero) who taught me that I am my own hero,' Questlove said

                            Who is Questlove's girlfriend Grace Harry? Drummer found love and 'godsend hero' in Usher's ex-wife
Questlove and Grace Miguel aka Grace Harry (Getty Images/ Instagram/graceharry)

Questlove, a musician who goes by the moniker Ahmir Khalib Thompson, keeps his personal life private. On a few occasions though, he has brought up his girlfriend. 

In November 2020, the drummer said that he had finally found a home and joked that he wished his girlfriend would let him play loud music at home. Here's all there is to know about who Questlove's mystery girlfriend is.


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Who is Questlove's mystery girlfriend?

Questlove said in an interview with Rolling Stone that his girlfriend sent him the book and audio version of The Gene Keys. He went on to say that he listened to the book for half an hour each day and that it had helped him improve. He said nothing about his girlfriend, but he did admire her as a hero and revealed her name to be Gracie. "My girlfriend Gracie is a godsend hero. She introduced me to the world of Dr Joe Dispenza (new hero) who taught me that I am my own hero," he said in the interview.

Hollywood Mask identified 'Gracie' as Grace Harry. Grace previously served as Usher's manager and as a philanthropist she led Usher's New Look, as reported by Glamourbiz. She is also Usher's ex-wife. The New Look is committed to engaging disconnected youth in order to help them find a path to leadership and make career decisions that are aligned with their interests. 


She is Usher's ex-wife and manager

There have been rumors that Gracie is Usher's ex-wife, Grace Miguel. A message board in Lipstick Alley described the possibility based on stalked social media posts. It also stated that she now goes by Grace Harry. Amo Mama confirmed this, saying that Grace Miguel, whose real name is Michelle Grace Harry, was born in Brooklyn, New York. She was already the proud mother of two children, daughter Leaf and son Raiden, before dating Usher.

Usher had once said: "I have an incredible partner and manager. She has helped me through some of the hardest times in my life and my career." The pair announced with a joint statement in 2018, after three years of marriage, that they "mutually" decided to part ways, pointing out that they remained "deeply connected" and were "loving friends".

Usher and Grace Migual aka Grace Harry (Getty Images)

She had a catering company

Her start in the entertainment business was unusual. She worked for a catering company for several years before deciding to leave and start her own catering company. She then went on to become the executive chef for 'The Cosby Show' a few years later. Grace knew it was time to move on and do something new as everything came to an end in 1992. "When the show ended in 1992, I knew it was time for a complete change," she added in her bio for Usher's philanthropy website. I had a passion for bringing people together and was socially immersed in the creative scene. I knew a lot of great photographers, musicians and artists so it only made sense for me to transition to music."

She became interested in the music industry because she was immersed in the artistic scene and met a lot of musicians. She worked at MCA Records and Jive Records before joining Island Def Jam Records as executive vice president of marketing and creative services.


'Best relationship'

Following Covid-19, Questlove bought a home in upstate New York, according to a December 14, 2020, YouTube video by Wired. He adorably added that his girlfriend refers to their new location as a "chateau" and that it is "kind of cool". In a tweet a month earlier, he wrote: "In my best relationship, gettin my act together (health/business/life goals)--the happiest I've ever been. figuring out where do I wanna "grow old" was a long process in the making especially in the light of covid (took a year for me to find and fall in love w this house)."

In the same string of tweets he said: "How loud grace will lemme blast music before she s. or can the basement house all my records....just the general things 1st timers think abo---"scuse me do you live here?" *POP* (me: can I help you?...this man & his 2 dogs damn near walking in my crib) "you own this house?"




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