Did Usher pay FAKE money to strippers? Truth behind shocking rumors about 'Usher bucks' with his face on them

'Can’t wait till he gets arrested', a user posted on Twitter, alleging that giving out such fake bills is a felony

                            Did Usher pay FAKE money to strippers? Truth behind shocking rumors about 'Usher bucks' with his face on them
Usher and the fake 'Usher bucks' he was accused of handing out (Getty Images, Instagram/beel0ove)

Usher was being lambasted on social media for handing out fake 'Usher bucks' to strippers in Las Vegas, but it turns out that the singer did not encourage the payment of fake dollar bills. An exotic dancer called Usher out for giving them fake money with his face on it, which soon went viral putting the singer at the helm of social media backlash on April 12.

The post was soon shared by thousands of users who did not hesitate to bash Usher left and right while some engaged in putting out hilarious memes about the alleged incident. However, according to TMZ, Usher reportedly did not pay the dancers with fake money. Rather he spent thousands and tipped the dancers generously with real money. Then where did the Usher bucks come from? Read on to find out. 


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Singer Usher Raymond performing onstage (Getty Images)

Who gave the 'Usher bucks' to the dancers?

The entire controversy arose when a dancer, who goes by the Instagram handle @beel0ove, shared photos of the fake bills with Usher's face on it, slamming the singer for the bogus cash tip. "Ladies what would you do if you danced all night for usher and he threw this??", she asked on her Instagram story. 


It did not take long for social media to slam Usher for the alleged deception. "Can’t wait till he gets arrested:) That’s probably a felony. He’s knowingly paying and distributing counterfeit money," a user even demanded. Another remarked, "Hes a fucking millionaire & let these hard working women dance for him for FREE? the AUDACITY"




Sources close to the singer confirmed to TMZ that Usher and his team spent thousands on the dancers at Sapphire Las Vegas. They also enjoyed bottle service for which they definitely paid real money. A representative of the gentleman's club in Las Vegas added that not only did Usher pay authentic greenbacks to the dancers, but he also tipped the club staff quite generously. 

The problem happened when someone in Usher's crew left those fake 'Usher bucks' behind on the stage as a joke. Insider sources reveal that the fake money with the singer's face on it might also have been used to promote his new Vegas residency. 

Following the formal statement by the club, the dancer clarified in the comments on her Instagram post that "no one ever said this was the ONLY money he threw". 

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