Who is Nicki Aycox’s husband? 'Supernatural' star who played Meg Masters dies at 47

Who is Nicki Aycox’s husband? 'Supernatural' star who played Meg Masters dies at 47
Nicki Aycox's role in 'Supernatural' was popular and she had a great relationship with Matt Raab ( Vine News screenshot/ YouTube, Nick Aycox/ Instagram)

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA: 'Supernatural' star Nicki Aycox died at 47 after her battle with leukemia on Thursday, November 16. The actress is famous for portraying the role of Meg Masters on the show. Aycox's sister-in-law, Susan Raab Ceklosky, confirmed the news on Facebook on Thursday, November 17 .

She wrote: "My beautiful, smart, fierce, incredibly talented, and loving sister-in-law, Nicki Aycox Raab, passed away yesterday with my brother, Matt Raab, by her side. She was definitely a fighter and everyone who knew her loved her.” Aycox had documented her battle with leukemia on her Instagram, but the presence of Matt Rabb, her husband, is largely missing from her social media account.


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Who is Nicki Aycox's husband?


The actress who is famed for playing Meg Masters on ‘Supernatural’ has been extremely private about her personal life. Not much information about her husband or her children is available online. According to Yahoo.com, the duo is survived by their two children. From what we could gather, Raab, had been a steady support for the late actress through her difficult journey. Aycox and Matt lived together in California. According to his Facebook profile, he is from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and often shares posts related to charity activities. She was also famous for her roles in a few other shows, including '3rd Rock from the Sun,' 'Weird Science,' and 'Boy Meets World.' 


Aycox’s Instagram does have some videos with her husband as they posted a lot of travel videos. Their exact date of marriage cannot be discerned but we know that on December 14, 2019, she posted a video with him for the first time. In a December 2014 interview with cathychatspn, the actress had previously shared how he met her husband saying it was through an event. Describing the incident, she said: “School on Wheels in Southern California. They pair volunteers with homeless students and assist parents with their child’s educational needs. It’s is also where I met my husband. Lucky girl I am."


Nicki's battle with leukemia 


The actress, who described herself as a "former actress, "nature lover" and "vegan chef," has been battling Leukemia for more than a year.  She said in her final Instagram Post, "#alwayskeepfighting STOP! DO NOT attempt to sing 80’s music after taking high doses of chemo☠️will cause memory loss. Literally got not 1 lyric correct😹# cancersucks #chemosucks #aml #cityofhope #highdosechemo #luekemia #chemosideeffects #chemofunny #chemowarrior #cancerwarrior"

She has been documenting her journey of battling with cancer, in a recent post she said, "Hi everyone! Just a quick update, I’m ok! 🥴This new chemo has been a little tougher than expected. I’ve been really sick since I started and my eye sight has been weak. I may not respond to everyone on this one but certainly will try and love reading words of encouragement. Finally today I feel well enough to paint and do a little gentle yoga! It’s been a really great morn❤️also my leukemia cells R decreasing! 👏much luv always!! #cancersurvivor #cancersucks #aml #stemcelltransplant #cancerrelapsesurvivor #cancerwarriors #cancerwarrior #alwayskeepfighting #luekemia #wellnessjourney #wellness #positivevibes #positivity #optimism."


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