'3rd Rock from the Sun' actress Elmarie Wendel dies aged 89

Her daughter, actress JC Wendel, confirmed her death on Instagram, writing: #ripelmariewendel you were a great mom and a badass dame.

                            '3rd Rock from the Sun' actress Elmarie Wendel dies aged 89
Elmarie Wendel (Source:Getty Images)

Elmarie Wendel, the actress who is best known for her role as Mrs. Dubcek on the ’90s sitcom 3rd Rock From the Sun,  died on Saturday (July 21). She was 89. The news of her death was confirmed by her daughter,  J.C. Wendel on Instagram as she paid tribute to her mother writing, “#ripelmariewendel you were a great mom and a badass dame.” J.C. also shared a shared a promo image of the Emmy-Award winning show. The cause of her death was not disclosed. Elmarie has had a decade-long career in the industry and has been part of several hit television shows. She was also known for voicing Aunt Grizelda in the animated film The Lorax. Ever since a young age, Elmarie had an interest in the entertainment industry.

With her parents being a part of the music industry, as a young child Elmarie got to travel a lot and have a first-hand experience in the world of showbiz. She eventually made her way into New York City and became a successful name in Broadway and off-Broadway productions. She has also made appearances on shows like Seinfeld, Love & War, Murphy Brown, and others. 

The role she is most remembered for is that of Mrs Mamie Dubcek. She was the landlord of the Solomon family and she lived below them in her house in Rutherford Ohio. She was portrayed as a loose and carefree woman, having a number of sexual partners. Her expertise in the field made her an unlikely guide for the Solomons when it came to matters of love.

Former co-stars and fans were quick to express their condolences and remembered her fondly. Jim Beaver, who played Happy Doug on 3rd Rock From the Sun, took to Twitter to say: "'I've just heard from her daughter J.C. that my friend and colleague from 3rd Rock From the Sun, Elmarie Wendel, has died," he wrote. "She was raucous, funny, endearing and terribly, terribly sweet. Goodnight, Mrs. Dubcek, wherever you are." 

Seinfeld actor Wayne Knight also took to Twitter to pay his respect to the actress. "Just a note on the passing of Elmarie Wendel who was a funny, kind and kickass broad who I was lucky enough to befriend and will greatly miss. There will not be another like her," he wrote. Several fans also expressed their sadness after hearing the news. "#RIP Elmarie Wendel. Rewatched a ton of 3rd Rock From the Sun earlier this year & was happy to be reminded it’s still a great show...but also that characters like Mrs. Dubcek were even funnier now; Ms. Wendel brought that role to life SO well," wrote one. 

Another added, "So sad to see news of #ElmarieWendel passing. I never missed an episode of #3rdRockFromTheSun when I was younger and she was so funny. Fantastic actress. Thoughts and Prayers to the family and friends. - R.I.P." There were others who remembered her flawless acting skills after hearing the news about her death. 

"I am sad to hear news of the passing of a "very nice" lady who had talent in spades. My deepest condolences to #elmariewendel's family and friends," wrote one, while another added, "Forgive me but I wanted to say I was huge 3rd Rock fan and she was a huge part of their success! And I loved her on the Seinfeld 2 part too! I always find myself cribbing things she said on 3rd Rock and she was a blast! She made this world a better place!"