Who is Michael Milosh's dating? Ex-wife Alexa Nikolas sues musician for sexual assault

Nikolas has claimed that Milosh 'utilized his power' and engaged in 'years of sexual grooming' towards her when she was a minor

                            Who is Michael Milosh's dating? Ex-wife Alexa Nikolas sues musician for sexual assault
Michael Milosh with his current girlfriend Geneviève Medow-Jenkins and Alexa Nikolas (Instagram)

'Zoey 101' star Alexa Nikolas is suing her musician ex-husband, Michael Milosh for his alleged predatory behavior with her when she was a minor and later for sexually assaulting her. Now, newsreaders want to know more about Milosh and his personal life.

The Nickelodeon star, 29, has claimed that her singer ex, 42, groomed her, sexually assaulted her and manipulated her into marrying him in the latest court documents obtained by TMZ and filed with the Los Angeles County Superior Court. Nikolas was 19 when she married Milosh in 2012. The suit is focused on "a libertine musician who prayed on the innocence of a minor fan to manipulate and coerce her into succumbing to his repeated sexual assaults of her." Nikolas alleges that Milosh, who fronts the band Rhye and is 13-years older than her, "utilized his power" and engaged in "years of sexual grooming" towards her when she was a minor. The "manipulation" culminated in the couple's 2012 marriage. 


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Nikolas has claimed that she first met Milosh when she was just 16, and messaged him on MySpace during the filming of the TV movie 'Children of the Corn'. While she didn't expect a reply from him, the then 33-year-old artist responded "almost immediately" and their conversations became sexually explicit soon after. Court documents reveal that  says that the couple met in person for the first time when she was 18, during which time he sexually abused her after he "digitally began penetrating [her] in her anus." She further claimed she told him to stop, but he refused.



Nikolas' suit claims that Milosh violated her once again in 2010 or 2011 when he forced her into letting him record them having sex. According to Nikolas, he later used the audio of the tryst in his album 'Jetlag'.  Furthermore, she claims a portion of the audio in the song 'Don’t Call It' hears her saying 'no' in reply to him anally penetrating her, something she says he would later brag about during the album's release party. She has also claimed that Milosh displayed large, nude photographs of Nikolas at the album release party, though she did not consent to their publicly viewing. Milosh also allegedly convinced her to marry him to help him obtain a green card. They separated in 2016 but did not finalize their divorce until 2019. Nikolas is seeking an unspecified amount of damages.

Who is Michael Milosh's girlfriend?

At the age of 3, Milosh started learning classical cello and took up drumming, and studied jazz and vocals at university. The Los Angeles-based record label Plug Research released two of Milosh's albums including 2004's 'You Make Me Feel' and 2006's 'Meme'. In 2008, he gave the track 'Then It Happened' on the Ghostly International/Williams Street album 'Ghostly Swim', which was released as a free digital download. Later in 2008, he released his third record, 'iii', with Plug Research in the U.S. and Studio !K7 in the EU. In 2009, he collaborated with Paul Pfisterer on the album New Territory. In 2010, Milosh made the band 'Rhye' with Robin Hannibal, and they released their debut album 'Woman' in March 2013. In November 2013, he released his fourth solo record, 'Jetlag', on his own label, Deadly. In July 2017, Rhye released a single entitled 'Please', and Milosh announced on social media the release of a second album later that year. In February 2018, Rhye released a follow-up album to 'Woman' entitled 'Blood'.

Currently, Milosh is dating Geneviève Medow-Jenkins. The couple has been dating for years now. According to a GQ story: "She wanted him to play her ambient music night in Hollywood. He was going through a divorce. They spent a weekend shooting photos of each other in Joshua Tree, even though they both say they don’t like getting their picture taken. They’re the latest in a long historical line of far-out creatures who have come to the city to bask in its beautiful weirdness, inventing and rediscovering all manners of self-expression." Medow-Jenkins grew up in Big Sur, the Central Coast town known for its isolation and natural beauty.



She has attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon, and did a semester in Berlin before moving to Los Angeles after graduation. "While in her early twenties, she worked as a behind-the-scenes photographer during a Pharrell Williams world tour, and up until the live music industry’s almost complete shutdown in March of 2020, she often joined Milosh on the road."


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